Go Fish Rules

Go Fish Rules and Instructions

You can play Go Fish even if you have just 2 players. But the game is more fun if there are more than 3 players. You can play this game with a standard deck of cards. You can also get specially designed cards for younger players, featuring figures of fishes. Some of these special decks also have only a pair rather than four of a kind for children to understand and play easily. You can use such decks when small kids are also playing the game. Here are the Go Fish Rules:

Go Fish Rules
Go Fish Rules and Instructions

What You Will Need To Play the Game

  • At least 2 or more players.
  • A deck of Cards

How to Start The Game.

The dealer needs to shuffle the cards properly and give 5 upside-down cards to each player. If there are only 2 players you need to give 7 cards to each player. Next place all the cards that are left upside down in front of all the players.

How to Play/Go Fish Rules?

The player starting the game has to ask any other player for a card. The player who has asked for the card has to have at least one card of the same rank, if he asks for a five, he should have a five with him.

If the player who was asked has cards of that rank, they must give it to the player who asked of it. Then the player will get another turn to ask for another card. Now if the other player does not have the cards he asked for, the player who asked will have to draw a card from the deck at random.

Also, if the person who was asked for the card and doesn’t have it they have to say “Go Fish”. If that random card is of the same rank they asked for they will get another chance to ask for a card. If the random card does not match then the player who said Go Fish will get the turn to play.

How to Win?

To win you must have to collect four cards of the same rank, and then place them upside-down on the table. This game ends when a player is out or the whole stack is used. The player who has collected the most number of sets till then will be the winner.

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