I Doubt It Card Game

I Doubt It Card Game Instructions

I doubt it card game is a really fun game and it involves bluffing. Cheats is another name for this game.

What you need to in the Game

The first player to use all their cards wins. Also, in this game Aces are considered the lowest and are the same as 1.

I Doubt It Card Game
I Doubt It Card Game

What do You Need to Play?

  • A deck cards
  • At least 4 players
  • Playing Area

How to Start the Game

The dealer needs to shuffle all the cards and then distribute them to all players one card at a time. Distribute all the cards, it doesn’t matter if any player has more cards.

How to Play I Doubt It Game?

All the players need to sort their cards by rank once they have received them. Any player can go first. The player going first needs to lay aces faced down and try if they can bluff by sneaking more cards with the Ace. They need to pretend or tell what cards they have played.

If they have an ace and seven they would still say that they have played two aces. Now the next player will need to play two or pretend to play a two. The play will continue until all cards until the king is played. After that, the Ace is played again.

If any player is suspecting that a player is pretending to play a certain card then they have to say ‘I doubt it’.

If any player says ‘I doubt it’ then those cards will be checked by all. The player who played the cards is bluffing then they must take the pile of cards. And if the played cards are all correct then the person who suspected will have to take the whole pile. The player who loses and has to take the pile will have the next turn and will play the next highest card.

How to Win?

The player who finishes all their cards first will be declared the winner.

More Variations of I Doubt It Card Game

You can reduce the difficulty level of the game by allowing players to one card on each turn.

More Tips

Try to maintain a straight face at all times, some people may give an indication when they all bluffing. Not all people are able to hold their emotions back, they may laugh or smile when they have bluffed. Also, keep a close watch on all the players and try to catch them when they have bluffed.

Try to bluff at the start, most players will try to do it in the latter part of the game.

Also, try to bluff when the pile is not so big. This goes for the same while you challenge any other player.

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