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Qsendersoftware will provide you with all tips and tricks related to Windows, Apple, and Android devices. We strive to find the correct information after doing detailed research from reliable sources. We mainly provide error solutions, guides, and features that will help you with dealing with all technical issues in these devices.

All our team members are technical nerds and been following industry updates since they were in school. Also, having some experience in coding and content writing.

Siddharth Sharma

Siddharth Sharma has studied B.Tech Mechanical and started working for Core MNCs. Later he found his passion in writing for technical solutions.  He is the main contributor to this blog.  He has a good experience writing for newspapers and for technical blogs as a freelancer. His in-depth research while providing a solution to a technical problem especially related to Windows, Mac, Android made him stand out of crowd. He is a digital marketing practitioner by profession, and also contributes his timer for Gym, Cycling and spends good time with friends 🙂


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