Sevens Card Game

Sevens Card Game – How To Play

Sevens is also popularly known as Fan Tan, Card Dominoes is a really basic game card game that you can play with all age groups. You can also play this game with just two players, the more players there are the more you’ll enjoy.

What you need to do in the Game

You need to play and finish all your cards first, the first person to do it wins the game.

Sevens Card Game
Sevens Card Game

What You Will Need.

How to Set up The Game. 

First, the dealer needs to shuffle the whole deck and distribute them one by one, faced down. Some people may get extra cards depending on the number of people playing. Don’t keep any cards out as are cards are needed to play the game. Once all cards are distributed, all players need to arrange their cards by suit taking aces as the highest card.

The player who has the seven of diamonds will make the first move.

How to Play Sevens Card Game?

First, the player who has the seven of diamonds will place that card in front of everyone. Now everyone else will follow and build the stack of diamonds, in both the directions.

The first card will be placed by the person who is sitting left to the player who played the seven of diamonds. If that player has the six of diamonds then the player will place it under the seven of diamonds. And if he/she has an eight of diamonds then they will place it above the seven of diamonds.

The player can also start a new stack with a seven from another suit if he does not have any of the two cards (six of diamonds, eight of diamonds). If they do not have a seven from another suit then the player needs to pass their turn. And the person sitting left to them will get the chance to play next.

The main aim of the game is to finish all cards on hand by building the different stacks placing cards above or below.

How to Score in the Game?

You need to build some strategy to win this, you cannot win on your luck alone. The player should hold onto eights, sevens, and sixes for later and play other cards first. Your main aim as a player should be saving the sevens for as late as possible as you can place them anytime later on even on a different stack.

If you hold these cards other players will have difficulty in getting the other cards out as you need

 Holding on to sixes and eights is also a good strategy as it prevents anyone else from adding to columns in either direction.

Winning the Game.

The player who has played all their cards and is left with none will be the winner. So the race is to shed all your cards as fast as possible and the first one to do it will be the winner.

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