How to Play The Tongue Card Game – Rules

Tongue Card Game is quite a popular game among all age groups. This game is quite similar to Pig Card Game and Spoons, these games are just different variations of this game.

With a single deck, 13 players can play at a time. If there are more players you can add another deck and 13 more players can be accommodated.

What you have to do in the game?

The player to collect four cards of the same rank will be the winner.

What do You need to play the game? 

You need to have distributed four cards to each player. Make sure you form sets and distribute the cards. If there are 13 players then just distribute the whole deck.

How to Start the Tongue Card Game?

First, shuffle all the cards and distribute four cards to each player and you’re ready to go.

How to Play Tongue Card Game? 

Players have to take one unwanted card from the four cards they have and pass it to the player on their left. Similarly, each player will receive a card from a player on their right. Players have to pass unwanted cards until they have four cards of the same kind. The first player to do so will win.

Winning The Game

The player to collect four of a kind first will stick their tongue out and stay that way silently. All other players have to follow and do the same. The player who sticks their tongue out last will be eliminated from the game.

Once a player is eliminated, the game will start again with one less player. Continue until players are eliminated one by one and when two players remain they will be declared the joint winners. Focus more on all the players than the cards. Sometimes you may get so busy getting four cards of the same kind that you may miss out sticking your tongue out and get eliminated.

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