Assassin Card Game

How to Play Assassin Card Game – Rules

Assassin card game is a really fun and exciting game to play. The players are eliminated very quickly during the game and it is referred to as their assassination. Killer and Muder are also some other names of this game.

The game can be played by almost all age groups. Children less than 3 or 4 in age may face some difficulty playing this game. The more the number of players that more fun the game gets.

Assassin Card Game
How to Play Assassin Card Game

What you need to do in the Game

The player who is the assassin has to assassinate the other players by giving them a wink.

The other player needs to catch the assassin while they are winking to kill.

How to Start the Game

All the players need to sit in a circle facing each other.

First a player needs to make equal size chits of paper for all the players. Then write X on one to the chits and fold all the pieces of paper into half. Then give out 1 chit to all the players each. The player who gets the chit that has X written on it is the secret assassin.

How to Play Assassin Card Game

All the players need to stay alert and finds the assassin while he/she is making their next kill. The killer needs to make eye contact with any player and wink to kill them. If they kill any player successfully, the other player has to declare I’m dead after 5-10 seconds.

This wait I mandatory as then it will be easy to guess the killer.

How to Win?

The player who has caught the assassin need to question that player. If the assumption is correct then the player who guessed it right wins the game. And if the guess is wrong then they are dead.

If the killer is able to kill all the players without being detected, then the assassin wins.

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