Authors Card Game

Authors Card Game – How To Play – Rules

Authors card game is perfect when there four to six players. You need to collect all cards of the same rank from all the suits. You can also get a specialty deck that is designed specifically for this game. But you can also play this game with a standard deck.

What do you need to do in the Game?

The main aim of the players is to collect as many cards as they can. Also, they need to concentrate on building books, a book will consist of four cards of the same rank.

Authors Card Game
Authors Card Game – How To Play

What You Need to play Authors Card Game?

  • A deck of cards
  • Playing area

How to Start the Game?

The player who is the dealer needs to shuffle all the cards and distribute them all the players one at a time.

Decide on which player is going to be the dealer. The players will then need to check and arrange their cards keeping cards of the same number together.

How to play Authors Card Game.

Any player can go first, but usually, the player left to the dealer will go first. The player needs to look at their cards and select the cards they need to make a book for. Then they’ll check what all remaining cards they need to build the book. If they have a Seven of clubs and hearts then they need to collect seven of spades and diamonds too.

Then that player must ask for the other players for the card they want. Also, they have to be specific to the card they want. They need to mention the suit and number perfectly. Also, any player cannot call for cards they do not have.

Also, if any player has the card that is called they must give to the person who called for it. In case you are caught while you have bluffed that you are not holding a card when you have it. You need to pay a penalty to all the players, by giving them each one card.

Then the next player will continue the game in the same way. Once a player has collected a book of cards they need to show it to all the players. Also, if a player has finished all their cards then they need to sit out till the game is completed.

Winning the Game

When all the players are out of cards and all books are collected then the player who has the most number of books will win.

More Tips

Stay alert at all times and keep an eye on what the other players are asking for. Some players will try to build the same as you so you’ll know if you stay alert. You can use this information to build your own books and stop the other player from building theirs when you ask them for cards.

More Variations of the Game.

Now you can get Authors in print with many variations. These are Inventors, Explorers, Inventors, and many more. These variations can really help kids to learn about important figures from the past.

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