How to make an iPhone louder? -2022

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How To Change The Colour Of Your Apps in your Iphone?

Apple’s recently released operating system, iOS 14 has been a major success since it introduces a new ability of customizing and personalizing a user’s phone home screen without the use of third-party applications or software. Users can easily customize their smartphone’s home screen with all of the advanced customization choices accessible to them.  This new … Read more

How to name a group text on an iPhone? -2022

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How To Get New Emojis On iPhone?

How To Get New Emojis On iPhone -

Communicating through instant messaging without using emojis simply does not feel the same. Instead of utilising regular, repetitive text, emojis bring variety to your electronic messaging correspondence. As a result, emojis have become a standard feature on almost all smartphones and tablets. With every passing year, Apple releases new iOS software upgrades, and with those … Read more

How To Do Handwritten Messages On iOS 10

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How Much Money Do Free Apps Make Per Download?

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How To Move Icons On iPhone

Even if users do not spend much time on their iPhone’s Home screen, you should make it as structured and orderly as possible. Regardless of whether you  use your iPhone for business or entertainment, maintaining a tidy home screen increases efficiency and makes it significantly simpler to locate your favourite applications, as well as changing … Read more

How to remove yourself from a Group Text – iPhone? – 2022

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How to change email passwords on iPhone? -2022

Passwords are to ensure security to you, your devices, your private files or be it your bank account locker. But when you don’t understand the importance of it, you land up into unavoidable problems like password hacking. Studies revealed that –     90% of the internet users are concerned about their passwords being hacked.     53% of … Read more

How To Close Windows On iPhone 12

Understanding how to close applications and windows on the iPhone 12 is particularly useful when an app hangs or becomes unavailable. If an application stops working properly, closing the app and reopening it will usually solve the problem in a very short amount of time. There are many more advantages to closing applications. Keeping many … Read more