How to remove yourself from a Group Text – iPhone? – 2022

Group texts are a way to connect to multiple people at the same time. As technologies are developing, our lives are becoming a bit easier. Group texts are also a part of this development. From calling for an urgent meeting or inviting your friends for a weekend party, group texts make your work hassle-free. You need not send messages to everyone individually to get in touch with them or deliver something important.

On the contrary, when group texts start getting annoying, you might want to avoid such conversations. Those notification tunes coming up repeatedly disturbs a lot especially when in an important work. This article is all about helping you to get away with this disturbance.

Steps to remove yourself from a Group Text in iPhone

Follow the below steps accordingly to help yourself out –

Step 1: Message App

Open the Messages app from your iPhone or iOS device.

Step 2: Group Message Selection

Select the group message/conversation from the list from which you desire to leave.

Step 3: Info Button

You are to tap on the image or initials of the corresponding group text/conversation. This will direct you to a drop-down menu, tap on the Info button.

Step 4: Leave the Conversation option

Now, you will have the details section on your screen. Tap on the “Leave the Conversation” option.

Step 5: Done

Tap on the Done option in the top right corner.

Step 6: Final screen look

After Step 5, you will no longer be a part of the conversation/group text. The screen like above will be shown to you whenever to revisit that particular group text/conversation.


All the above steps are valid only if all the recipients in the group text are using an iOS device or iPhone and have the updated version of it. Otherwise, you won’t be able to leave the conversation. In that case, you can mute the conversation to avoid disturbances.

Final Thoughts

Everything in this world comes with its own pros and cons. Group texts are no exception in that case! No doubt that it connects many people but at the same also becomes annoying when unnecessary texts keep on popping up on your screen. Though the above procedure is not a complete solution to your problem, it has loopholes. Hopefully, iOS will develop its system to help you leave the group text easily. Hoping that the article could fetch your requirements!

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