How To Close Windows On iPhone 12

Understanding how to close applications and windows on the iPhone 12 is particularly useful when an app hangs or becomes unavailable. If an application stops working properly, closing the app and reopening it will usually solve the problem in a very short amount of time.

There are many more advantages to closing applications. Keeping many applications and windows running in the background might degrade your iPhone’s speed and, worse, severely deplete your battery’s efficiency. Therefore, it’s undoubtedly advisable to avoid having dozens of applications suspended at the same time.

Therefore, the following article is a comprehensive guide to help users understand how to close windows on iPhone 12.

How To Close Windows On iPhone 12:

Users that wish to close windows or applications on iPhone 12 can simply follow these steps:

Step 1: Home Screen

Go to your device’s home screen.  This is executed by scrolling up from the bottom of your device’s screen in a single movement.

Step 2: Show Open Applications

Slide up from the base of your iPhone’s screen and hold in the center.

Step 3: Go Through Open Applications

You will now see a carousel with windows for all of the applications that are now active, in the order that they were last utilized. Swipe left or right to identify the application you want to close.

Step 4: Close Specific Applications

When you’ve found the application you want to close, slide up on its preview window to close it. You may close a single application or an entire group of applications by simply swiping up on those you want to completely close down.

Step 5: Go Back To The Home Screen

Once you have closed all desired applications,  press the top or bottom of your device’s display to switch back to the iPhone 12 home screen.

Close Windows On Your iPhone 12 Now:

Closing applications and windows has a wide variety of benefits that users should take advantage of. Keeping a lot of applications and windows open in the background of your device may substantially slow down your iPhone 12 and dramatically decrease the performance of your battery. Therefore, it is highly recommended for users to avoid having a large number of applications and windows open at the same time.

Therefore, users can simply follow the aforementioned step-by-step instructions to close windows and applications on iPhone 12.

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