How To Change The Colour Of Your Apps in your Iphone?

Apple’s recently released operating system, iOS 14 has been a major success since it introduces a new ability of customizing and personalizing a user’s phone home screen without the use of third-party applications or software. Users can easily customize their smartphone’s home screen with all of the advanced customization choices accessible to them. 

This new feature has many users wondering how they can modify the colour of app icons on iOS 14. The built-in Shortcuts application on iOS 14 makes changing the colour of application graphical icons extremely easy and efficient. 

Therefore, the following article is a comprehensive guide to help users understand how they can change the color of their apps on iOS 14.

How To Change The Colour Of Your Apps On iOS 14

Users that wish to change the colour of their apps on iOS 14 can simply follow these steps:

Total Time: 1 minute

Step 1: Shortcuts App

Launch the Shortcuts application. If you do not already have the app installed, visit the official iOS App Store and install it.

Step 2: Click The Plus Icon

In the top-right corner, press the “+” button icon.

Step 3: Add Action

Select the “Add Action” button.

Step 4: Open App

In the upper search bar, enter “Open app” and then click “Open App” from the Actions menu.

Step 5: Select Application

Select the application whose icon colour you wish to modify by tapping the ‘Choose’ button. 

Step 6: Name Shortcut

Then, click the three dots in the upper-right corner of the screen. Give your chosen shortcut a name.

Step 7: Add To Home Screen

Select the “Add to Home Screen” option.

Step 8: Search For An Application Icon

Look for a picture to use as your new application icon. Conduct a web browser search for potential images.

Step 9: Add To Photos

Save the image to Photos once you’ve found one. To save an image, press it down and select the “Add to Photos” option.

Step 10: Choose Photo

Return to the Shortcuts app and press the green icon placeholder symbol. Select the image that you previously chose and saved by clicking the “Choose Photo” option.  Adjust the image’s alignment if necessary, then click “Choose.”

Step 11: Change Shortcut Label

Change the shortcut’s label. You may also remove the shortcut’s home screen label to only display the modified application icon without a text-based description.

Step 12: Add Icon

Select the ‘Add’ button in the upper-right corner.

Change The Colour Of Your Apps Now:

Apple’s newly launched operating system, iOS 14, has been a massive success since it introduced a new feature that allows users to modify and customize their phone’s home screen without the usage of third-party apps or software. With all of the complex customization options available, users may simply customize their smartphone’s home screen by changing the colour of their apps’ graphical icons.

Therefore, users can simply follow the aforementioned steps to change the colours of their phone’s app icons.


How do you change the color of your apps?

Users can change the colour of their apps using the ‘Shortcuts’ app. 

How do you change the color of your apps on iOS 14?

You change the colour of apps on iOS 14 devices by installing the ‘Shortcuts’ application and following the aforementioned instructions. 

How do I change the look of my apps?

Users can either change the colour of an app icon or they can completely replace the icon with another image.

How do I customize my iPhone icons?

Users can customize iPhone icons by adding a new action in the ‘Shortcuts’ app. 

How do I change the picture of a shortcut?

You can search the image or select a pre-existing image from your Gallery and upload the image to the ‘Shortcuts’ app. 

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