How To Download Facebook Videos On iPhone

How To Download Facebook Videos On iPhone

Download Facebook Videos On iPhone: Facebook has millions of users all over the world. You can connect with any user by sharing messages, photos, videos, and much more. Facebook has its own app for Apple devices like the Apple iPhone and iPad. You can also access Facebook through any mobile browser with the link You can download videos from Facebook on any Android device but you cannot download Facebook videos to your iPhone. This article will guide you on how to save Facebook videos to iPhone.

Although you cannot download a Facebook video from the website itself as there is no video downloading capability on the iPhone. But there is a way by which you can download Facebook videos on iPhone. Don’t worry you don’t need to jailbreak your Apple iPhone to save a video from Facebook on iPhone.

How To Download Facebook Videos On iPhone
 Download Facebook Videos On iPhone _ Guide

You can use multiple third-party app/browsers that are available on the App Store to download videos from Facebook. Also, you will need BitDownloader, an online Facebook video downloader. BitDownloader allows you to save videos from Facebook to your iPhone.

You can easily download Facebook videos on iPhone by following the steps given below. First, we have listed how to copy the link of a Facebook video, and then we’ll guide you on how to download Facebook videos on iPhone and then how you can save it to your Camera Roll. You can use these steps on all Apple handheld devices. Just follow the steps given below to save Facebook videos to Apple iPhone.

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Step 1: How to Copy the Link of The Video

  •  First, you need to open the video on Facebook you want to Download.
  •  Then click on Share, and in the bottom, you’ll find Copy LinkClick on it and the link will be saved on your clipboard.

How to Save and Download Facebook Videos?

  • You need to download an app named ‘Browser and File Manager for Documents‘ from the App store.
  • Open the App and top you’ll find a search bar, type BitDownloader in it, and press enter.
  • In the list of supported sites, you’ll find Facebook and click on it.
  • Paste the link you copied from Facebook and click on the Download Option.
  • Once the page reloads, go to the bottom of the page where you see the Download button. Click and hold it to choose Download.
  • You can view the video in the Downloads tab once it’s downloaded.
  • Once the video is downloaded click on the Files tab and then press the dots icon next to the Facebook video you just downloaded.
  • Next, click on Open in and you’ll see the iOS Share Sheet. Click on Save video and save it to your Camera Roll on your Apple iPhone.

We hope you were able to understand how to download Facebook videos on iPhone after reading this article. Now you can view the video in your Camera Roll. You can also download videos from other platforms like Twitter, Reddit, Youtube on your Apple iPhone using the same apps and method. You just need to copy the link and paste in on the website.

Another Method to Save Facebook Videos on iPhone

If you are using Apple devices for quite some time then you may be familiar with the Screen Record feature that is available on all Apple handheld devices. If not you can watch the video given below:

Once you know how to use the screen record feature. Just open whichever file you want to save from Facebook and press the record button as shown in the video. Once you’re done press the record button again to stop the recording. You can view the recording in your Camera roll, also you can cut out the parts of the recording as per your needs.

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