How to change email passwords on iPhone? -2022

Passwords are to ensure security to you, your devices, your private files or be it your bank account locker. But when you don’t understand the importance of it, you land up into unavoidable problems like password hacking. Studies revealed that –

  •     90% of the internet users are concerned about their passwords being hacked.
  •     53% of people rely on their memory for their passwords and 51% use the same passwords for both professional and personal accounts.
  •     57% of people didn’t even change their passwords after their account was hacked. And 23million people are still stuck with “123456” as their passwords.
Help your out from being Hacked!

Email Addresses are an important platform and hackers always try to gather personal and official information through that. iOS has brilliant security but your email addresses still have chances of being hacked. Why take risks?

It’s better that you give a strong password to your email and update it within every month or two.

Steps to Change Email Password

Follow the below steps to update your email password –

Step 1: Settings

Go to the Settings section of your device.

Step 2

Tap on the Password & Accounts option.

Step 3: Password & Accounts section

Under the Password & Accounts section, tap on Website & App Passwords.

Step 4: Selection (Email Address)

Select the email address which you wish to update.

Step 5

Tap on the Edit button present in the top right corner.

Step 6: Change Password

Go to the Password section, give a new password to your email address.

Step 7

Tap on Done in the top right corner.

For confirmation, you can go to your Mail App and check if the password is successfully updated!

Set a Strong Password now

Securing your Email ID from hackers is essential. Hackers don’t miss a chance to get through your personal and official information. Weaker passwords are the main key through which they can peep through your details. Why give them a chance? The above steps will help you change your password on your iPhone. And apart from that, try to update your password within an interval of a month or two as this will make it tougher for the hackers to trace your passwords. One more thing – use strong passwords by mixing special characters, capital letters, small letters and numbers in it. Hope this article fetched your requirement.

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