Some people complain about touch sensitivity issues your new iPhone or iPad. 3D Touch is a new feature by Apple but sometimes you may need to adjust the sensitivity settings to ensure great performance. In this article, we have written about exactly what you need. Change Touch Sensitivity On iPhone Or iPad by following the steps we have given below.

How To Change Touch Sensitivity On iPhone
How To Change Touch Sensitivity On iPad

Change Touch Sensitivity On IPhone Or IPad

  •  Open Settings on your iPhone or iPad.
  • In Settings find General and click on it.
  •  Then select the Accessibility option in the General Tab.
  • In the Accessibility Settings find and click on 3D Touch. (You won’t see the 3D touch option because it is only available on models that came after iPhone 6.
  • Then enable the 3D Touch setting by switching the button to the right.
  • Now you have enabled the 3D Touch on your iPhone or iPad.
  • You can adjust touch sensitivity with the slider below the 3D Touch settings.

Adjust the touch sensitivity on how much pressure you want to apply. We hope that after reading this article you were able to change Change Touch Sensitivity On IPhone Or IPad. If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to write them in the comments section below.

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