Unblock Adobe Flash Player on Chrome

How to Unblock Adobe Flash Player on Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge

Adobe Flash Player is a software program used for playing videos and online games on websites. It’s also used for video advertisements on the web.

If you’re having problems viewing Flash content on Chrome, you might want to try unblocking it. Here’s how to Unblock Adobe Flash Player on Chrome.

How do I unblock Adobe Flash Player?

How to unblock Adobe Flash Player on Windows 10?

Firefox, Chrome, and Edge block Adobe Flash mostly, but Opera supports Adobe Flash and it does not cause any problems.

As a result, switching to Opera might be more convenient than going through the troubleshooting steps.

In terms of design extensions and plugins, Chrome is extremely customizable, Chromium-based, lightweight, and has minimal resource requirements.

I’d recommend Opera if you have issues with Adobe Flash Player in your browser frequently.


Enjoy Flash content without worrying about any issues, with this lightning-speed web browser. Download Opera.

How to Unblock Adobe Flash Player in Chrome

Nowadays, Google Chrome runs Flash by clicking on the “Run on click” button. A jigsaw piece icon appears on pages that have Flash content.
If you get a message in Chrome saying that Adobe content was blocked, you’ll need to click the jigsaw piece icon and press the Allow button.
You might have to configure Chrome’s Flash settings as follows if you are unable to select the Allow button.

Step 1. Choose Customize Google Chrome from the menu.

Step 2. Select Settings from the menu.

step 1: Unblock Adobe Flash Player on Chrome

Step 3. Click Advanced at the bottom of the page.

Step 4. After clicking Content settings, select Flash to display the options. 

Step 4- Unblock Adobe Flash Player on Chrome

Step 5. Block Sites

Blocking Flash content can be unblocked by switching Ask first to the Block sites setting (recommended).

Step 6. Click on Add

To enable Adobe Flash to always run on certain websites, you can add them to the Allow list. By clicking Add, you will be able to input a website URL and press Add.

Download Google Chrome here.

How to unblock Adobe Flash Player on Windows 7?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re using Windows 7 or Windows 10, what matters is the browser you use on your PC.

Here are some steps we pointed out previously for each of the major browsers.

Follow the steps below to unblock Adobe Flash Player in Windows 7.

In order to resolve this issue efficiently, we recommend that you switch to Opera, which allows you quick access to any of your social media accounts, uses fewer resources, and allows you to use Flash without a problem.

Use the comment section below to tell us about your experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Abobe Flash Player blocked?

Due to the security risks involved, modern browsers block Flash content regardless of the Flash Player version you’re using.

How to unblock Adobe Flash Player on Chromebook?

If you use Opera as your browser, you can easily unblock Flash Player on Chromebooks.

How to Enable Adobe Flash Player In Internet Explorer?

1. Open your “Internet Explorer” browser.
2. On the upper right corner, you will see the tools option. Click on that option.
3. You will have to select the “Manage Add-Ons” from the popped up options.
4. Select “Toolbar & Extensions” options from the popped up dialogue box.
5. You have to find out the “Shockwave Flash” option by scrolling down the list.
6. You can easily enable it if it was disabled.
That’s all and use the Flash Player easily.

How to Unblock Adobe Flash Player on Mozilla Firefox?

1. First of all, Open your “Mozilla Firefox” browser on Windows 10, Windows 7, or on your Mac.
2. On the topmost right corner, you will see the option that contains three horizontal bars. You have to click on that option.
3. You will see the drop-down menu. You have to select the Add-Ons option from the list.
4. Afterward, select the “Shockwave Flash” option from the list.
5. You will see three options as you click on the shockwave options that are:
You have to select the allow option from the options. This will unblock Adobe flash player.
Now utilize the Flash Player while using Mozilla Firefox.

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