How To Cast On LG TVs Using Chromecast

How To Cast On LG TVs Using Chromecast


Chromecast was launched way back in 2013, the device was priced at $35. Chromecast has millions of users over the globe. You just need to plug it in the HDMI port of your TV to use it. You can also cast on LG TVs using Chromecast.

Since the inception of Chromecast, Google has introduced three generations of Chromecast sticks. Other than these there is Chromecast Ultra which can stream 4K videos. It can be difficult for new users to cast on LG TVs using Chromecast. In this article, we’ll guide you on how to cast on LG TV with and without using Chromecast.

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How To Cast On LG TVs Using Chromecast
How To Cast On LG TVs

Cast on LG TV using Chromecast Home App on Phone

Follow the steps given below to cast on LG TVs using Chromecast:

  • First, you need to plug the Chromecast in the HDMI port of your TV.
  • Then connect your Chromecast device to your home WiFi. Make sure you connect to the same network on your Android or IOS device.
  • Then download the Google Home App on your phone. Open App Store if you’re using an IOS device and open the Play Store if you have an Android device.
  • Go to Source in your LG TV and select HDMI as the source you want to display.
  • Open the Google  Home App you just downloaded on your phone. You’ll see it will start to scan available devices. When you see your Chromecast, select it and press continue.
  • Now you’ll see a code displayed on your Phone and LG TV. Check if the codes are the same then select  “That’s my code” in the Chromecast Home App.
  • Open the App you want to cast and enjoy HD videos on your LG TV.

Cast (Mirror) your device on LG TV using SmartShare Screen Share

You can also use the SmartShare Screen app available on LG TV’s to cast your device. You can even display your phone apart from just videos. The LG SmartShare Screen is only available for Windows and Android devices. IOS users should use the method we have listed above. Make sure to connect your phone or PC and your LG TV are connected over the same network. Just follow the steps given below:

  • First, you need to open the Screen Share app on your LG TV.
  • Click on Listening Mode and turn it ON.
  • Then on open the settings of your Android device or PC and follow the steps given below for each device:

Windows: First you need to open the display section in settings and then search for “connect a wireless display” under the multiple displays section. Now all the available displays will be shown, find your LG TV and click on it. Now your Windows Device will cast on your LG TV.

For Android Device: Click on the Screen Sharing option in the Settings app on your Android device. Then find your LG TV in the list of available wireless devices and click on it. Now your Android Device will cast on your LG TV.

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Cast (Mirror) your PC screen to LG TV using Google Chromecast via Chrome Browser

You can also cast your PC screen using Google Chrome Browser. Just make sure your PC and LG TV are connected over the same network. Follow the steps given below:

  • Open Google Chrome on your Windows device. If you don’t have it you can download it from here:
  • Once you have opened Chrome you need to find the three dots on the top right corner to open the menu.  Upon seeing the menu click on the Cast option which is just below the Print button.
  • Next, you will see the Chromecast enabled devices that you can cast on. You will see three options to cast. Upon selecting the option you want to use select you need to select your Chromecast Device.
  1. Cast Tab: You can display a particular Chrome tab with this option.
  2. Cast File: With this option, you can stream any audio or video file available on your PC. Browse the file and select it to cast it on your LG TV.
  3. Cast Desktop: You can display the exact display of your Windows device on your LG TV. You can use this option to display other Apps and games which are installed on your PC.

How do I use Chromecast on my tv?

You will need a mobile with the Chromecast Home app or the LG screen share app.

How to cast from phone to tv?

You will either need the Chromecast Home app or the LG screen share app installed on your device.

How to watch movies from phone to tv without HDMI?

You can cast your phone to your TV using the Chromecast Home app or the LG screen share app.

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