Hotmail Spam Filter Not Working

What to Do If Hotmail Spam Filter Not Working?

Getting spam emails regularly on your email ID can be a bit frustrating, don’t worry we’re here to help you filter out all unwanted junk. There are also many websites that say to remove all spam from your email ID but they are just collecting your Email to send even more spam mail. Just follow these simple steps given below if your Hotmail spam filter not working. Later in the article, we have also given some tips which will help you avoid receiving spam email on your Hotmail account

Hotmail Spam Filter Not Working
Hotmail Spam Filter Not Working Fixed

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Hotmail Spam Filter Not Working (Fix) 

  • Step 1: Log into your Hotmail email account, find the ‘settings’ icon in the top right section, and click on it as shown below. 
Hotmail Spam Filter Not Working
  • Step 2: Once you click on the setting icon you’ll see a drop-down as shown in the picture below. Find ‘View all Outlook Settings’ on the bottom of the drop-down and click on it.  
Hotmail Spam Filter Not Working
  • Step 3: Next a ‘Settings’ Section will pop up on your screen. Then go to the ‘Email’ section, and then select the ‘Junk Email’ section as shown below. 
Hotmail Spam Filter Not Working
  • Step 4: Scroll down to the bottom of the window and tick both options in the ‘Filters’ section as shown below. Save your settings and you’ve successfully fixed your Hotmail spam filter issue
Hotmail Spam Filter Not Working

Also, make sure to add all contacts you want to receive emails from in your mailing lists. All Emails from senders who are not in your mailing list will be filtered out once you select these options. 

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Tips To Prevent Spam Mail in Hotmail Account:

  1. Do not reply to Email IDs from unknown people, also never click on any links in such email IDs. 
  2. Installing third-party apps and software from unknown and unverified sources can also be a reason if you’re getting too much spam. 
  3.  Block any suspicious and unknown email IDs which are sending your spam mails regularly. 
  4.  If you’re receiving too many spam mails just after you’ve installed an extension on your browser, disable it as soon as possible. 
  5. Keep your device software and browser always updated. Spammers can find ways to send email to a vulnerable user easily. 
  6. Never allow access to unknown games, programs, and applications. These apps can contain files which can also harm your computer apart from the spamming. 
  7.  Uninstall programs and games you’ve have previously installed from unverified sources. And also look for programs you don’t remember installing or programs you don’t know about. 
  8. Never leave your Hotmail email on any type of forums or social media group. 
  9. Never share your email with people you don’t know very well. Only share it among family, friends, and co-workers. 

Even after you’ve fixed the spam filter setting and you are also following the tips regularly. That will not mean that you won’t get even a single spam email in the future. These are just a few steps to help you reduce the incoming of spam mails. Just follow these steps regularly and make a habit out of it. You’ll receive much less spam mail than you did before.

Hope this answer helps you get you a Solution to HotMail Spam Filter Not working 2020 Problem.

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