How good is malwarebytes?

ForumHow good is malwarebytes?
Siddharth Sharma asked 1 year ago

Has anyone here used or currently using Malwarebytes for Android? I’m thinking of getting it for my android phone. Should I get it or not?

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Siddharth Sharma answered 1 year ago
Yes, you can get it. Here are some of the benefits of having an antivirus on your phone : 

  • Quick Scan for Malware
  • Shields systems from new and unknown viruses
  • Warns whenever a website or ad network is infected
  • Performs deployments quickly
  • It blocks dangerous websites
  • User-friendly software
  • Real-time protection

You can also get the premium version which offers more advanced features. You can check out the article given below for a much more detailed review. 
Malwarebytes for Android