What is AVAST Free for Education Program and How is it beneficial – discuss in detail by writing a guide around the topic. -2022

What is Avast Antivirus and how can it be beneficial to you?

Avast Antivirus is a platform which aims to protect your system from all sorts of antivirus attacks. It is a cross platform solution which consists of antivirus protection, web threat scanning, browser protection and a cloud management area. Avast can be installed in Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS. Avast Antivirus is registered as freeware and proprietary software.

Avast for Education

Features of Avast which might be helpful in your day-to-day life –

  • Intelligent Antivirus – Avast detects and simultaneously blocks viruses, malware, spyware, ransomware and phishing. Using smart analytics, Avast keeps the unwanted stuff away before they affect you.
  • Cyber Capture – Whenever a suspicious file is found, it directs the file for analysis as this might pose a threat to the system.
  • Wi-Fi Inspector – If any stranger tries to use your personal Wi-Fi, it automatically informs you as this could be a threat to your system.
  • Smart Scan – Avast tries to track the loopholes in your system which allow suspicious add-ons. It tries to keep your passwords and files safe so that your personal information isn’t leaked.

What is Avast Free for Education Program?

Nowadays, almost every school and college all over the world tries to keep a computer lab to educate their students on Computer Science. The growing technological world demands that. Computer skills are playing a key role in the IT sector. This generation really needs this skill to help themselves take a position in the IT world.

Whenever a computer lab is designed in an educational institute, the computers are kept interconnected through LAN. Suppose one of the computers while surfing the internet by the student is caught with any sort of virus that is likely to spread among other computers as well. But many educational institutes in this world do not have the proper funding to buy antivirus software for individual systems.

Avast came up with a good approach to help all such educational institutes and give all their computer labs Virus-free systems. The Avast Free for Education team spent almost a week in Orlando, Florida in the country’s one of the prestigious educational technology conferences to present their ideas on giving free antivirus to educational institutes.

Now the question comes –Why is Avast doing this?

In the conference, they tried answering all these questions – based on this giving you the reasons-

Reasons Behind Developing Avast Education Program

There are two reasons behind this approach –

Reason 1

This is a technical reason. Avast collects threat data from the community of millions of active users which the Virus Lab uses as “sensor net” to automate virus research. So, whenever any new virus tries to attack the system, it automatically enters the cloud and the data is then studied. This is how the software is updated.

Reason 2     

The second reason is the “Expansion Plan”, to make users all over the world more aware about our antivirus company. Avast already has 14million free users in the USA. Giving free Avast Antivirus software to schools will increase the number and spread the name all over the world. The software will also be in people’s home devices and mobiles. It is basically a marketing strategy.

Which schools are eligible to get this facility?

District schools, public schools, private schools, university, library or any educational provider with Microsoft Windows, Macs, and/or servers are eligible for Avast Free for Education.

What does the software include?

  • Certified antivirus trusted on more than 435 million active users.
  • Protection on endpoint devices and supporting servers.
  • Cloud-based web console.

The link to register for business-grade licenses for your educational institutes is given below-


This link will give you a step-by-step guide to register.

Avast For eduation
Guide To install Avast Education Program

Benefits of AVAST Free for Education Program

This approach by the AVAST team is really appreciated. This helped various educational institutes to frame their computer lab and secure it from virus attacks. Now, they need not pay high prices to do so. This generation could now educate themselves with the new technologies. The free Antivirus software strategy has also spread to the world and even mobile users started to use AVAST free antivirus. Computer labs with even different systems can have this antivirus software as it supports multi-dimensional users like MacOS, Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS.

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