What do you need to know about Avast Cloudcare?

What do you need to know about Avast Cloudcare? How is it helpful for business?

What is Avast CloudCare?

Avast Software is a multinational cybersecurity company whose headquarters is based on Prague; Czech Republic founded in the year 1988. It is basically a part of AVG Technologies. Avast was founded by Pavel Baudis and Eduard Kucera. The main focus of the company is to deal with cybersecurity software and computer security.

Avast CloudCare is a cloud-based endpoint protection solution which is easy to install and administer. It is a cloud delivered endpoint protection solution which is provided by a partner channel. This software is more useful to small businesses without much complications but might fall behind when it comes to big business.

What do you need to know about Avast Cloudcare?
What do you need to know about Avast Cloudcare?

How is Avast CloudCare helpful?

Protecting your computer from all sorts of viruses and also having a smooth performance experience is our first priority whenever we start using any system or software or operating system or application.

Here, are few points cited to be considered about Avast CloudCare –

  •  Avast Antivirus focuses on protecting the files, emails for Microsoft Outlook, identify protection and acts as a firewall.
  •  Online backup and Content Filtering Service which are available with an additional fee.
  •      Avast CloudCare helps a lot of people starting a small business with straightforward needs.
  •      Avast CloudCare makes customers comfortable with the software and gradually explains the policy better.
  •       Avast CloudCare comes with a Quick Start Guide which helps the admins to secure their endpoints and alerts the admin of any probable risks to the system.

Getting Started with Avast CloudCare

The dashboard of Avast CloudCare is well organised with all the tools, quick access to common tasks and also has alert status displayed. Common tasks to be noted which run across the top of the dashboard – Add Desktop Server Device, Add Group, Add Alert, Add Policy and Add User.

How to install this in your system? (Possible ways)

  1.     You can download from a link sent by any client agent or email invitation.
  2.     You can use an already installed Avast Cloudcare with your own credentials.

You will then get color-coded lists of open alerts and historical charts of alert conditions. Clicking on a particular alert will direct you to individual alerts and also the possible solutions in order to quickly remediate the issue.

The download is pretty fast for Avast Antivirus. After installation, the system goes for a reboot and a full scan. Users have full access to the settings of the software and user interface of it.

Alert and Reporting by Avast CloudCare

Avast CloudCare comes with outstanding alerting. It has 20 customizable alerts which range from Threat Detected to Memory Utilization Reached. One can even chose whatsoever alerts he/she wants to receive, set threshold and configure the destination mail or SMS address.

Open alerts are present in the dashboard where they can be remediated accordingly. Avast Cloudcare gives a detailed report with an executive summary. One can also filter reports by device or device groups. Reports can be printed for further analysis.

What is Avast Business Cloudcare and how is it helpful in business?

Avast Business CloudCare is a cloud-based platform which is based on endpoint security which makes it works faster and easier in case of IT service providers to make layered protection accessible to the users, monitor threats and resolve all issues from a single platform.

With CloudCare, one can gain multiple clients, protect the network and also make pay-as-you-go services accessible, for example, antispam, content filtering and backup services.

Avast CloudCare helps monitor threats and real time security to multiple clients from a single cloud-based platform.

 Avast Cloudcare reduces overhead and cost and gives a good endpoint protection.

Note: If you have an active subscription of Avast software and are not satisfied with it, then you can check for the complete process on DRI Avast Software Refund.

Features of Avast CloudCare

Avast CloudCare as mentioned has a good number of features associated with it. Summarising-

·        Archiving

·        Retention

·        Encryption

·        Email Monitoring

·        Spam Detection and blocking

·        Blacklisting and whitelisting

·        Data Recovery

Pros and Cons of Avast Cloudcare

Pros –

  •      Protection against malicious URL
  •       Good User Interface with enough information for the admin
  •        Outstanding alerting capability

Cons –

  •       Not proper phishing detection
  •        Policy can’t be managed by groups
  •       Lacks good administration and complete audit logs

Final Thoughts on Avast CloudCare

Avast CloudCare in accordance to its price provides good facilities specially for people running small business whereas big business might not benefit from this software as they come with complications. It is a great central management platform; policies are also easy to create and deploy. Apart from this, its protection is not that high-tech, you can say average protection and consumes high system resources.

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