Snap Card Game

How to Play Snap Card Game – Rules

Snap Card Game is quite similar to man common games like woof and Slapjack. The game is quite simple and small children can this game too. You need overall quick reflexes to win this game.

What do you need to do?

The player has all the cards will win the game.

What do You need to play?

  • A deck of cards.
  • Playing Area.
  • Minimum two players.
Snap Card Game
How to Play Snap Card Game

How to Start the Game?

First, the players who are playing need to sit facing each other. Maximum four players are perfect for the game. The dealer needs to shuffle all the cards first and distribute them face one by on to all the players. Some people may get more cards but it won’t matter. All players must not see their cards and place them face down.

How to play Snap Card game? 

The player who goes first need to place the top card of their pile faced up in the playing area. Then the next player will also do the same. Whenever a card comes that is of the same rank as the previous cards then all the players need to say snap.

The first person to do so will get all the cards played till then. If any player shouts when there is no match then they have to give up one card from their pile. If two players call out snap at the same time the matched cards will be placed in the middle and those are called the Snap pool.

The play will continue until the first player to call out Snap Pool will win all the pile of the matched cards that were placed in the middle. if again two players call out at the same time then the process will be repeated until one player has called out Snap Pool correctly.

If all faced down cards are finished of a player then they can use the faced up cards the won. If any players even run out of the faced up cars then they are eliminated.

How to Win?

The player who to collect all the cards will be the winner.

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