Slap Jack Instructions

Slap Jack Instructions and Rules

This game is quite simple and fun to play. People all ages can play and enjoy this game. Slap Jack instructions are quite simple, just follow the rules given below. Slap Jack is one of the simplest game, the is a perfect choice for any 4-5 old-year-old.

What do you need to do?

The First player to collect all the cards will win.

Slap Jack Instructions
Slap Jack Instructions and Rules

What You’ll Need

  • A deck of cards.
  • A playing area.
  • Minimum two players.

How to Start the Game

All the players need to sit in the circle. Any player can be the dealer or usually, people let the oldest player be the dealer. The dealer has to shuffle all the cards and distribute them faced down to each player one at a time. Also, the players need to set their cards faced down and not the cards themselves too.

All players may not receive the same number of cards. All cards are needed in the game so it won’t matter.

How to Play Slap Jack – Instructions

Usually, the player left to the dealer gets the first chance but any player can start. The first player needs to place their top card faced up on the playing area. The next player also has to do the same, this will go on until any player has laid down a jack.

Once a Jack has appeared, all the players need to slap their hands on top of it. The first player to do so will win the round and they can add all the cards played on the bottom of their pile.

The play will continue similarly with the player next to the first slapper. Also if a player slaps on a card that is not a jack then they have to give one card from their pile as a penalty.

If a player has finished all their cards then they are eliminated from the game. But they are still in the game in a way. If when the next jack appears and they slap it first then they will be back in the game. If not then there is no hope for coming back into the game.

How to Win?

The first one to collect all the cards will be the winner.

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