The Peg Game

The Peg Game – How To Play

Everyone who has visited Cracker Barrel must have played this game at least once there. It is quite a fun game for all group ages and can be challenging even if you’ve solved it before. Read this and start playing the Peg game at home too.

The Peg Game

What do you need to Do? 

You need to Jump above tees. Removing all of them until only one tee in remaining.

How to Set Up the Peg Game?

First, you need to place a tee in every hole you see on the board. Leave only one space empty where there is no tee.

How to play the peg game? 

You need to jump tees one over and keep om removing tees until only one is remaining.

How to win? 

Leave just one tee to win the game, if you do this then you nailed. Most people are not able to leave just one tee. So even if you leave 2, consider it a win. Anything more than that means you need more practice.

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