Microsoft Office for Mac Full Version

Microsoft Office for Mac Full Version Free Download

Microsoft Office for Mac full version free download: Thinking of getting Microsoft Office installed on your Mac? You’ve come to the correct place, we’ll guide you through the process of getting Microsoft Office for Mac full version. Also, we have provided all the features you’ll get while using Word, Excel PowerPoint, etc. With the latest version of Microsoft Office for Mac, you can make quality documents with ease. The new version also has some requested features and bug fixes we all have been eagerly waiting for. You can also get Office 2020 for Mac simply with a subscription of Office 365. First, let us look at how to get Microsoft Office for Mac full version free download. And then we’ll be discussing the latest features and additions to Microsoft Office.

Microsoft Office for Mac Full Version
Microsoft Office for Mac Free Download

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Follow the steps given below to get Microsoft Office for Mac full version free download:

  1.  Go to ‘ ‘ and sign in to your Microsoft account if not already done or sign up if you don’t have an account already.
  2.  Use this Microsoft account to log in to Office and use it.
  3.  Find the ‘Install Office‘ section and install the 64-bit version on your Mac. Just follow these simple steps to get Microsoft Office for Mac full version. 

Now let us look at some features and functions in the new Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and more!

Microsoft Word:

With Microsoft Word, you can create exceptional documents with ease. The new reviewing and authoring tools have really reduced the time to edit and finalize the document. With the new built-in-tools and sharing options, you can work with multiple people on the same document at the same time. Now you can edit the design as per your liking, you can place font’s layouts and colors however you want it.

Microsoft Excel:

We all know what all you can do with Excel. You can turn even the most boring stats into interesting insights that can be understood easily. If you know all the keyboard shortcuts and formulas, using Excel is becomes much more easier and fun. You can also portray your number with the help of pie charts or bar graphs included within Excel itself. Excel now also has a new PivotTable Slicer that helps in finding patterns in data.

Microsoft PowerPoint:

The go-to Presentation builder for I don’t know how long. We all must have used Powerpoint during our school or office days. I’m sure some of you still use it on a regular basis. Powerpoint now has a new Presenter View which not only shows the speaker notes and timer but also the current and next slide. This comes quite handy when showing the presentation on a big screen. Now, with the new Animation pane you can design fine-tune animations and ensure the slides look really nice.

Microsoft One Note:

Now you can capture and share your ideas with One Note. You can store and share digital notebooks which you can easily access anytime. One Note has a powerful search engine so finding your notes won’t be an issue, it can even recognize text in images and handwritten notes. One note has basic features like underline, highlight, pictures, Bold, italicize, insert files, and more to design your note. Sharing notes with family and friends have never been easier.

Microsoft Outlook:

Now Outlook for Mac has push mail support which will keep your Outlook inbox always up to date. Now having conversations in outlook has become really easy, now you can view messages automatically organized in your inbox, around threaded conversations. Finding related messages has become really easy because of threaded conversations. Now, you also get a preview of the first line of the email just below the subject line.

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Features of Microsoft Office for Mac:

New AutoSave Features

While you’re working on Office 365, all your actions will be automatically saved with the new AutoSave feature when working with SharePoint and OneDrive files. This feature will automatically save all your work as you are doing it. You can also switch this feature off in ‘Settings‘. This feature is quite similar to the autosave feature provided by Google Docs.

Microsoft Spreadsheet Tool Benefits

With the Microsoft spreadsheet tool benefits, you will get features to edit documents that include Histogram, Box, Waterfall, Whisker, Pareto, and many more. You can use these tools to present quick visualization of common financial, hierarchical, and statistical data of a company.

Real-Time Collaboration

With Office 365 you can share OneDrive and SharePoint documents with other people so they can view, edit, or comment on your document. You can also work in real-time with any of your co-workers you’ve shared the document with. These features have made the process of sharing work documents with colleagues really easy.

New Functions for Excel IFS and SWITCH

The new functions in for Excel IFS and Switch can shorten and simplify a spreadsheet formula. For quick and easy filtering of the chats with PivotTable data sources and Table Slicers. The insider Fast build is designed with a purpose to provide better support.

Email Management Tool

The email Management tool in Outlook is quite easy to use. Also, it receives a modest update with emoji support as you are composing messages.

Office Online

Now you can sync Office Online with your OneDrive account. Even if you are away from your Mac you can edit those documents from anywhere and on any device. You just need an active internet connection and your login credentials.

I hope you were successfully able to install Microsoft Office for Mac full version free download after following the steps we mentioned above.

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