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Due to the rise in popularity of the internet, there has been a gradual rise in piracy of films, web series, and even music. There are tons of websites available online that offer free downloading and viewing of copyrighted content. Since movies are available on the release day at the touch of a button for free. It really affects the sales of the film industry and theater attendance of movies. Flimmakers have expressed a lot of concern about this issue. 

Isaimini is one such website that provides that posts copyrighted content for free downloads. We will talk about this website in detail. Their website has millions of users all over the world. 

Isaimini Tamil Movies Download Website – All you need to know

Isaimini is a quite popular website for all the wrong reasons. They allow users to download copyrighted content for free, which is illegal in almost all countries. They mostly upload Tamil ad Telugu movies on the day of release. Some movies have also been uploaded before the release itself.

Isaimini is perfectly designed for mobile users. They have a section of downloads just for mobile phones which has movies in smaller sizes that are appropriate for mobile users. Apart from Tamil movies, you will find a huge collection of English and Hindi movies, TV shows too. Also, they also upload films of other south Indian regional languages like Telugu & Malayalam.

You can watch shows like Breaking Bad dubbed in Tamil. There is a separate section for Tamil dubbed movies on this website. The website is also quite user-friendly. They have made sure that every user gets whatever they need. 

Isaimini - Tamil Movies

You can Download Songs on Isaimini Too!

Apart from popular movies and TV shows, there is a site extension where you can also download Mp3 songs. You will find the most famous songs of Bollywood on the website. But mainly you will find Tamil language songs and Mp3 songs in other regional languages like Telugu & Malayalam. Also, the website also uploads Tamil video songs too. You can also download these Tamil video songs for free and watch them later offline. 

Isaimini in India

The department of telecommunications of India has banned Isaimini several times. The website hosts just change the domain extension to anything like Isamini.hq or Recently they entirely changed the name of the website to Moviesada. There many such websites which are quite similar, some examples are Fmovies, Putlocker, 123movies, and many more. This technique of changing domain names is used by many other websites too. These websites just change their domain names once the current one is blocked. There is a huge collection of illegal websites on the internet that operate like Isaimini. 

What is the government doing to stop piracy?

According to the Piracy Law in almost all countries piracy is mostly illegal everywhere. If caught there can be serious fines and jail term too. As mostly these crimes are committed on the internet, there is very little chance of getting concrete evidence against the culprits in the court of law. In India, as per the Indian Law Cinematograph Act 2019, “Any individual found recording a film without the written consent of the producers can face a jail term up to 3 years. Also a fine of up to more than 5 lakhs can be imposed”.

Is downloading a movie illegally an offense?

Just like making an illegal copy of a movie is a crime, downloading a film from piracy sites is just like making another copy of it. So yes the offense carries a penalty if proven in court. Although law enforcement is not so strict on this issue that does not mean you’re free to do so.

You can get a serious fine or imprisonment in rare cases. Almost all countries have similar laws regarding the unauthorized download of copyrighted content.

Movies Leaked by Isaimini website

Isaimini site has pirated several Tamil movies, they mostly upload on the day of release itself. Many artists in the Tamil movie industry have complained about the piracy situation. They have uploaded many thousands of films like Jasmine, MGR Magan, Maari 2, Asuran.


Warning – We do not promote piracy in any way.

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