How To Turn Off Google Voice Typing On Android

Google voice search is a sophisticated function of the Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Assistant present in almost every Android-powered smartphone that allows your smartphone to perform online searches, make phone calls, capture photographs, set alarms, organize calendar appointments, write notes, and much more.

However, for a wide variety of reasons, not all users may want to use the voice-controlled function. Some people dislike the thought of their smartphone monitoring them, while others don’t understand English fluently and don’t see the need in having the function enabled.

Therefore, the following article is a comprehensive guide to help users understand how to disable the function on their Android device. 

How To Turn Off Google Voice Typing On Android:

If users wish to disable or turn off Google Voice Typing on their Android devices, they simply have to follow the following steps:

Step 1: Go To Settings

Go to your Android device’s Settings screen.

Step 2: General Tab

Select the General toolbar on your Android device.

Step 3: Language and Input

Find the “Language and Input” option below the “System & Updates” toolbar.

Step 4: Google Voice Typing

Find the “Google voice typing” option and press the Settings button.

Step 5: OK Google Detection Toolbar

Select the “OK Google” detection option

Step 6: Drag Slider To The Left

Drag the slider to the far left under the “From the Google app” box.

Disable Google Voice Typing On Your Android Device Now:

Google voice search is an advanced function of Android smartphones that enables users to perform a wide variety of different tasks using their voice. However, not all users will wish to use the voice-controlled option for several different reasons.

Therefore users that want to disable the Google Voice Typing option on Android can simply follow the aforementioned step-by-step instructions. 


How do I turn off Google voice typing?

Users can turn off Google Voice Typing through the ‘Language and Input’ section of their Settings.

How do I get my keyboard back to normal?

Disable Google Voice Typing through your device settings. 

How do I change Google keyboard settings?

Users can change Google keyboard settings through the ‘Language and Input’ settings.

How do I change Google Voice typing to keyboard on Android?

Drag the ‘Ok Google’ detection slider to zero. 

How do you change typing settings on Android?

Through the ‘Virtual Keyboard’ option in the device’s ‘Language and Input’ settings.