How To Transfer Photos From Android To iPhone

Whether you’re migrating from an Android device to an iOS device or simply want to see the images you shot with your Android device on your iPhone, you will have to transfer the photos beforehand. As Android and iOS are two distinct operating systems, there is no straightforward way to transfer images from one device to the other

However, there are numerous tools that allow you to transfer images from your Android phone to your iPhone. You may also use these devices to share contacts, messages, and movies, among other things.  These tools operate as a funnel for transferring images from the source Android device to your target iPhone. 

Therefore, the following article is a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to help users understand how they can easily and efficiently transfer photos from an Android device to an iPhone.

How To Transfer Photos From Android To iPhone:

Users that wish to transfer photos from Android to iPhone can simply follow these steps:

Step 1: Install Google Photos

Open the Play Store application on your Android smartphone and install the Google Photos application. Open the application and log in using your Google account log-in credentials.

Step 2: Open Google Photos Settings

After signing in to your Google account on Google Photos, click on the three horizontal lines at the top of the screen and choose the ”Settings option. 

Step 3: Back Up & Sync 

Find and click on the “Back up & Sync” option.

Step 4: Enable Photo Syncing

Turn on the “Back Up & Sync” button on the next screen. It will activate the Android device’s image syncing feature.

Step 5: Wait For Cloud Storage Upload

Allow your Android smartphone to transfer all of the images from your Android device to cloud data storage.

Step 6: Download Google Photos On iPhone

Download the Google Photos application from the App Store on your iPhone. Sign in to the app with your Google account and enable the “Backup & Sync” function from Settings.

Step 7: Download Photos From Cloud Storage

The images you uploaded to cloud data storage from your Android device will begin to be downloaded to your iPhone. When the download is finished, you’ll see that the images from your Android device are now accessible and visible on your iPhone.

Transfer Photos From Android To iPhone Now:

If users are transferring their primary device from Android to iPhone, they will have to transfer their photos first. However, since Android and iOS are two completely different operating systems, transferring data such as photos can seem difficult.

Therefore, users that want to transfer photos from their Android device to their iPhone can simply follow the aforementioned step-by-step instructions.