How to Screenshot on HP? (2022)

A screenshot is the capture taken of your screen. Screenshots have now become very useful for us. Be it noting down something from a video conference when you are running out of a writing pad and a pen to taking a snip of a good scene of your favourite TV series, Screenshot is the best option. We often mess-up while taking screenshots on our laptops, desktop or tablets. Follow the article to get a hassle-free screenshot and store your information or memory easily.

Screenshots can be taken in multiple ways from your HP laptop. The below methods go well with every laptop. So, check them out:

Method 1: Windows + PrtScr

This you can say as a shortcut key where you need not have your mouse and can do it easily with your motherboard. Follow the steps:

Step 1

Press the Windows key and Prt Scr key present in your keyboard simultaneously.
Your screen will flicker a bit which means the screenshot is taken.

Step 2

To locate the screenshot – Go to PC > Pictures > Screenshots.

Method 2: Snipping Tool

Snipping Tool is a built-in feature available for all Windows supported systems. With this tool, you can capture as much area you want for the screenshot.

Steps to be followed –

Step 1

Go to the Search bar of the Start Menu.

Step 2

Type Snipping tool there. Then a window like the one below opens up.

Step 3

Using the “New” option, you can start a new screenshot.

Step 4

The “Mode” option allows you to select the snipping form.

Step 5

After you have taken the screenshot, you can save it in your desired location by either from the “Save As” option or by pressing Ctrl + S.

The Snipping forms or shapes available:

(i)               Free-form Snip – This allows you to take the screenshot in your desired shape be it circular or freeform.

(ii)              Window Snip – This takes the snip of your entire window with a click.

(iii)            Full-screen Snip – This takes the snip of your entire screen at one go. Users with dual screens at a time usually prefer this.

Method 3: Windows + Shift + S

Simultaneously press Windows key + Shift key + S which will take a screenshot of your screen and paste it in your clipboard. This will help you in easily pasting the snip wherever you want to.

Method 4: This is for HP Tablets

Taking screenshots for HP Tablets is different from taking them on a laptop or desktop.

Steps to be followed –

Step 1

Press and hold the Power and volume button together for 2-3 seconds until you see a flash in your screen. The flash indicates that the screenshot is taken.

Step 2

Locate the screenshot in your media folder.

Method 5: Using Snip and Sketch

Follow the below steps –

Step 1

Go to the Search bar of the Start Menu.

Step 2

Type “Snip & Sketch” and select the results.

Step 3

From the menu, select the 4th option to take the snip of the full screen.

Step 4

After that a notification will appear, click on it to open the customization window where you can make your necessary edits to the screenshot.

Step 5

To save the screenshot, Click the Save icon and save it with a name.

The image is also copied in your clipboard.

Final Thoughts

Having the knowledge to take a screenshot is very important as you might even need it in the educational field, corporate sector or maybe day-to-day life. The above methods are not only useful for HP devices but can be used for any other device. You can easily take screenshots using them, share those or edit them according to your needs. Hope this article could help you solve your queries!


How do you screenshot on HP Windows 10?

Press Windows key + PrtScr

How do you capture a screenshot on a PC?

Refer to the above article.

What is Print Screen key on HP Laptop?

Locate it in your keyboard.

Where do I find Screenshots in HP Laptop?

You can locate it in Pictures. It might vary according to where you have saved it.

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