How To Reset Avast Passwords and Delete All Stored Data? Step By Step Guide

It is extremely crucial to have unique, random and secure passwords for each of your online profiles and accounts. However, creating and keeping track of passwords for numerous different log-ins can be extremely tedious, time-consuming and is ultimately extremely impractical due to the exponentially increasing number of accounts that modern users retain. According to Avast, 90% of internet users are worried about having their online profiles hacked.

A password manager allows users to save all of their online account usernames, passwords and other login details in one secure centralized location. Furthermore, using a password manager can help users use a unique, complex password for each of their online profiles without having to memorize each of them with the help of a master password

Therefore, the following article is a step-by-step guide to help users understand what Avast Passwords is and how to reset the program on varying types of computer systems.

What is Avast Passwords:

Avast Passwords is a powerful, advanced password generation and data management tool that can enable users to generate random, secure and unique passwords, auto-capture passwords when visiting a new website, sync data across numerous different devices and auto-fill log-in credentials and website forms on known websites. 

Many web browsers allow users to automatically retain their user credentials and login details. However, this is extremely risky since the data remains on your device including the required information to decode it. Avast Passwords uses a significantly higher degree of security to store your log-in details and passwords. Users simply have to establish a master password to secure the information stored in Avast Passwords.

However, no one can retrieve or recover the data stored in the Avast Passwords program if a user forgets their master password. In this scenario, their only solution is to reset Avast Passwords entirely, which deletes all of the collected data and enables users to start using Avast Passwords completely anew.

How To Reset Avast Passwords and Delete Stored Data On Windows:

Users can reset Avast Passwords and delete stored data on Windows using the following steps:

Step 1: Launch Avast Antivirus

Launch the ‘Avast Antivirus’ program, navigate to the ‘Privacy’ toolbar and select the ‘Passwords’ option.

Step 2: Open Settings

When asked to input your master password, proceed to the upper right corner of the screen and select the ‘Settings’ option.

Step 3: Delete Data

Select the ‘Reset Avast Passwords and delete my data’ button.

Step 4: Confirm Data Deletion

To agree to the terms and conditions of resetting Avast Passwords, select ‘Delete.’

Step 5: Get Started

To set up another Avast Passwords account, click ‘Get Started.

How To Reset Avast Passwords and Delete Stored Data On Mac:

Step 1: Launch Avast Passwords

In the Apple toolbar, select ‘Go’ then ‘Applications.’ Then, select the ‘Avast Passwords’ icon to launch the program.

Step 2: Remove Vault

In the Apple toolbar, select ‘Avast Passwords,’ then click ‘Remove Vault.’

Step 3: Reset Avast Passwords

Click ‘Remove’ to agree to the terms and conditions of resetting the Avast Passwords program.

Step 4: Remove Stored Data

Enter the administrative admin password to permit the application to remove all stored data. 

Step 5: Get Started

Select the ‘Start Now’ option to set up another Avast Passwords account. 

Reset Your Avast Passwords Account and Delete Stored Data Now: 

Studies have shown that 85% of people know that using the same password for multiple different online profiles is a cybersecurity risk. However, 25% of people still use the same password to secure multiple accounts. Therefore, a password manager such as Avast Passwords is an extremely useful tool to help users generate and store numerous unique and secure passwords.

Avast Passwords is a powerful password generation and data management program that allows users to take control of their login details and online profile user credentials by generating and storing data. However, users are still required to remember a master password to control their data. 

In the event that you forget your master password or want to reset the Avast Passwords program entirely due to prevailing issues, follow the aforementioned step-by-step instructions depending on which type of computer system you possess.