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How to recover deleted devices in Avast CloudCare? -2021


What is Avast Antivirus?

Avast is one of the largest antivirus providers in the world which was founded in 1988 by Pavel Baudis and Eduard Kucera. Avast has its headquarters in Prague, Czech Republic.

Avast CloudCare is a cloud-based endpoint solution platform which is quite easy to install, deploy and maintain as per the needs of the user.

Avast is available in 45 languages all over the world and currently has a count of 435 million monthly active users. It secured second position in the anti-malware application market.

Avast cloudcare - custom scans

Avast Users can be of two types –

  •      One who installed it from google
  •      Other who installed it from computer’s manufacturer

Whatever user you are, when you install Avast Antivirus in your system, it continues to process in your background and scan your files. Whenever a malicious application or file is found, it is directed to the Virus Chest which is basically the room for malware.

Recovering Avast CloudCare Deleted files from Virus Chest

Recovering files from Virus Chest is easy. Just you need to follow the below steps accordingly:

Step 1

Right Click the Avast Icon in the System Tray.

Step 2

Avast Cloudcare - recovering deleted devices

In the drop-down menu, Click on Virus Chest.

Step 3

Click on the horizontal dots just next to the file which you wish to delete.

Step 4

Avast Cloudcare- Recovering deleted devices

Here, you will get two options – “Restore” and “Restore and Add Exception”. The former option makes sure that this file isn’t deleted in future as well.

Step 5

Avast Cloudcare-Recovering deleted devices

Follow according the above screen.

Step 6

Avast cloudcare-recovering deleted devices

Follow according to the above screen.

Step 7(Optional)

When you have recovered the file, it’s suggested to scan it with any other anti-malware solution. This is a good practice since you would surely not want to recover a file which really contains a virus.

Recovering files deleted by Avast Cloudcare (not using Virus Chest)

Sometimes when the default setting of Avast Antivirus is changed, it might not be possible for you to recover the deleted files using the above method. In that case, you need not worry as there are other ways to do so.

Described below are two of them –

Method 1 – Using Data Recovery Software

When Avast deletes a file, it does not end up in your recycle bin rather gets permanently deleted.

So, if you wish to recover it, it is preferred to install a “data recovery software” which scans the hard disk and looks for the traces of the deleted file.

You can install any “Data Recovery Software” from google. You will get many suggestions for windows.

It’s better to install the data recovery software in a different storage device than the one where your lost file was stored.

Method 2 – Recovering from Backup

Though it’s unlikely to recover your file through this method. But you can still give it a try if you wish to. It’s quite unlikely because if Avast has deleted the file then its obvious that it was detected with some kind of Virus. So, your backup won’t allow such files.

You can still search in the following locations if you find all clue of the file –

1.      File History – You need to right click when the lost file was located and then select the “Restore Previous Version” option. Select any previous version of the folder and then open it. You can then restore the file.

2.      OneDrive – There your files are automatically backed-up, so you can search there as well.

3.      Local Backups– We often keep local backups for our files. Go through them like Flash Drives.


Avast CloudCare tries to keep your system away from all sorts of malicious applications or software or folders. It might so happen that during this process, your files get deleted. But, its positively done to give a health check to your system. Just to avoid your files from getting deleted, it is not a good decision to uninstall the antivirus software. Rather you should find ways to recover the files or you can surely “Add Exception” to your files.