How To Program A Spectrum Remote (Step-by-Step Guide)

How To Program A Spectrum Remote (Step-by-Step Guide)

The spectrum remote is an essential piece of equipment for anyone who wants to get started with home automation. It allows you to control lights, appliances, thermostats, security systems, televisions, cable boxes, DVD players, Blu-ray players, etc. using a smartphone or tablet.

This guide will teach you how to program a spectrum remote. It’s not hard, but it does require some technical knowledge. If you’re new to programming, this guide might be a little overwhelming at first.

However, if you follow along with the steps, you’ll have a working spectrum remote in no time!

What Kind of Spectrum Remote Do You Have?

If your TV is connected to a set-top box or satellite receiver via coaxial cables and an HDMI port, then it has probably been equipped with a remote control that uses infrared technology. If not, there may be one available at the store where you bought the device. Or if you already own another brand of television, chances are good that its remote controls will work on this model as well.

But what about those other gadgets in your house? How do they get their commands from the remote control?

Read this to know- What kind of spectrum remote do you have?

Here’s a quick list of popular Spectrum remote models:

  • UR3-SR3S (UR3-SR3M)
  • RC 122
  • 1060BC2/1060BC3
  • UR5U-8780L/8790L
  • M2057
  • URC-2060
  • UR2-RF-CHD

How to Program a Spectrum Remote?

Once you identify the kind of spectrum remote you have, the process is pretty simple. But there are some important steps to take before getting started.

1. Remove Battery Cover:
The first thing you’ll want to do is remove the battery cover from your remote. This should be easy enough if you’re using an RC122 or UR5U-8780 series remote. 
2. Turn On Your TV & Set

Codes are the key! Spectrum remotes need correctly coded brand codes to operate with TVs and other devices.
A handy list of many popular brands is included here. To find the perfect code, simply use the list whenever you see “enter code” in our “How-To” guide!

Dynex: 11463, 11780, 11785, 11810, 12049, 12184
Insignia: 11423, 11564, 10171, 11204, 11517, 11641, 11660, 11710, 11780, 11892, 11963, 12002, 12049, 12088, 12417
LG: 11423, 10017, 11265, 10178, 10700, 10856, 11178, 11768, 11993, 12358, 12424
Magnavox: 11454, 11866, 10054, 10051, 10706, 10802, 11198, 11254, 11365, 11856, 11944, 11963, 11990, 12372
Panasonic: 10250, 11480, 11457, 10051, 10650, 11271, 11291, 11410, 11941, 11946
Philips: 11454, 11866, 10054, 10690, 11154, 11744, 11806, 11856, 11867, 12372, 12374
RCA: 11547, 10178, 11447, 10047, 10051, 10093, 10679, 11047, 11147, 11247, 11347, 11781, 11948, 11953, 11958, 12002, 12187, 12247, 12434
Samsung: 10812, 10060, 10702, 10178, 10650, 10766, 10814, 11060, 11903, 12051
Sharp: 10818, 10093, 10688, 10851, 11602, 11756, 12360
Sony: 10000, 10810, 10834, 11317, 11685
TCL: 11756
Toshiba: 11524, 10156, 11256, 11265, 10060, 10650, 10822, 10832, 10845, 11156, 11356, 11656, 11704, 11935, 11945, 12006
Vizio: 11758, 10864, 10885, 11756
Zenith: 10000, 11423, 10047, 10017, 10463, 11265, 10178, 11145, 10145, 11661

To find the usable codes, you can visit Spectrum’s support page.

There is a possibility that you cannot program the remote with components depending on what model it is. Some models are only programmable with your television. As long as the remote controls have an option for selecting a device (DVD, CBL, etc. ), it’s possible to program it with these devices.

The auto-search method can be used first to program the remote.

Step 1: Prep Your Device

Turn off any other remotes before trying to program yours. If there is already an active signal being sent out from your TV, turn it off so no interference occurs when attempting to send signals through your new remote.

Step 2: Turn On Your Television

Make sure your television is turned on and connected to power.

Step 3:

Press the corresponding button (TV button for TV, DVD button for DVD player, etc.) along with the “SELECT/OK” BUTTON. 
Press both buttons simultaneously until you hear a tone or light blinking twice indicating the remote has been successfully programmed.

Step 4: Scan for Codes

Press 9-9-1 on the remote when you point the remote at the device. You should see the button you selected in step one blink twice (TV, DVD, etc.). Once you click “PLAY”, the video will begin to play.

Step 5:

Press the “POWER” button on the remote to turn your device back on if it powers off after pressing “PLAY.” Try changing channels with the remote (to test your device). The code was successfully programmed if it operates properly; click “SELECT/OK” to save it.
Try the next step if your device is not responding.

Step 6: Try Different Codes

In case the device does not turn off after pressing “PLAY,” press “REWIND” or “FF” to cycle through available codes. Once your device has turned off, press “SELECT/OK.” You can verify that the remote has been programmed by completing Step 5, starting with powering on your device.

The Manual Method for RC-122

In the event that the auto-search method does not work, you must manually enter the device code. The procedure is to follow those above, however in Step 4, instead of entering 9-9-1, enter your device’s code.

Each number of the code should be entered one second apart. You should see 3 blinks from your device’s buttons (if not, try another code).

Make sure your remote works after testing the code. Retry with a different code if it doesn’t work.


If the TV still doesn’t respond to the remote control, you can try these troubleshooting tips.

  • You can scroll back through codes slowly by pressing and releasing the CH1 key.
  • Simply press the TV key on your remote control once. Press the TV key two times, but don’t release it until the SETUP key blinks.
  • After entering the numbers 9 9 1 twice, let the TV key blink twice again.
  • Once you’ve pressed the number key, hit 1. Two more blinks will occur on the TV button.
  • Press the POWER key one time with your Spectrum remote while facing the TV.
  • Repeat pressing and releasing the CH key again and again. Turn off the TV when it has finished.
  • You can now turn on the TV by pressing the POWER key, followed by the SETUP key to lock in the code.

To find the usable codes, you can visit Spectrum’s support page.

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