How To Install Avast Passwords In Mac And Windows? A Step By Step Guide

The vast majority of individuals use extremely weak passwords and repeat them across several different social media networks and websites. Studies indicate that two out of every five internet users have been hacked, had their passwords compromised or had their cybersecurity breached due to outdated or duplicated passwords. 

Therefore, a password manager is a perfect solution. Password managers can help users utilize strong, random and unique passwords without forgetting them. Furthermore, password managers save users’ login credentials for all of the websites they visit and allow users to log in automatically. Additionally, they protect each password repository with a master password, which is the only one that users are required to remember to access all their log-in credentials.

Therefore, the following article is a guide to help users understand what Avast Passwords is and how to install the program on varying types of computer systems. 

What Is Avast Passwords?

Avast Passwords is a password generation and data management program that safely retains a user’s password and log-in credentials as well as other confidential data and information. Avast Passwords makes it extremely easy to sign in to websites and efficiently fill out online forms.

Avast Passwords contains a wide variety of features that users can leverage to improve their cybersecurity such as auto-filling log-ins and online forms on known websites, auto-capturing log-in details when logging on to new websites or creating new user profiles, automatically generating secure, unique and random passwords and syncing data across multiple different devices.

How To Install Avast Passwords On Windows:

Users that want to install Avast Passwords on Windows operating systems can simply follow these steps:

Step 1: Privacy Toolbar

Launch the Avast Antivirus program, navigate to the ‘Privacy’ toolbar and select the ‘Passwords’ option.

Step 2: Activate In Google Chrome

Click the ‘Get Started’ option. Then, navigate to the browser of your choice. In the case of Google Chrome, select ‘Activate in Google Chrome.’ 

Step 3: Add Extension

Select the ‘Install’ option in your browser and click ‘Add Extension’ to agree to the terms and conditions of the browser plug-in.

How To Install Avast Passwords on Mac:

Users that want to install Avast Passwords on Mac can simply follow these steps:

Step 1: Launch Avast Passwords

Launch the Avast Passwords program and click the ‘Start Now’ option. 

Step 2: Enter Master Password

Insert your chosen master password into the two input text fields to create it. Tick the box to confirm that even if you forget your master password, Avast will be unable to recover or reset it. Then, click the ‘Confirm Password’ button.

Step 3: Install In Safari

Select the ‘Install in Safari’ option to install the browser extension.

Step 4: Integrate Password Data

In Safari’s browser extensions panel, check the box next to ‘Avast Passwords’ and follow the on-screen prompts to integrate your log-in and user profile credential data.

Install Avast Passwords On Your Computer System Now:

As the number of user profiles, social media accounts and websites that users visit on a daily basis increases, the number of unique passwords that users are respected to create and remember is increasing exponentially. Therefore, the use of password generators and data management tools such as Avast Passwords are growing in popularity. 

Avast Passwords can help users generate unique, random and strong passwords, auto-fill log-in details on known websites, auto-capture newly created user credentials and much more. Therefore, to install Avast Passwords on your Windows or Mac system, follow the aforementioned step-by-step instructions.

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