How to hide messages on iPhone? – 2022

There might be many reasons behind hiding messages on the iPhone. It might be because it is a confidential matter which you don’t want others to know or maybe you are conservative and do not want others to get into your private life. Whatever the reason might be, this article might help you fetch your queries.

I am giving here two methods, check if it works well for you.

To Hide messages on iPhone

Method 1: Straight-forward

The best way is to delete the conversation because if someone happens to go through your message app, then will come across the messages even if you have turned off the notifications. You can back-up your messages before deleting them on your laptop.

Suppose you don’t want to delete the conversation, then delete the contact number of that particular person. In that way, the messages will come under the Unknown Senders section.

Method 2: Turning Off Message Preview

This method will ensure that no notifications pop-up in your screen whenever you get a new message. People around you won’t get a hint that you received a message.

Note: You need to keep a check on your Messages app to go through any new messages as notifications won’t come for that.

The steps are as follows –

Step 1

Open the Settings app of your phone.

Step 2

Tap on Notifications from the followed list.

Step 3

Tap on Messages.

Step 4

Under the Options section, tap on Show Previews.

Step 5

Tap on Never. This will not allow previews of the messages in your lock screen.

Step 6

Suppose, you do not want people around to know that you received any new message, Go to the Notifications and from their tap on Sounds.

Step 7

Tap on Vibration.

Step 8

From the appeared list, select None.

Step 9

Go back to the Sounds page, and select None under Alert Tones.

Step 10

Go back to the Messages Notifications settings, turn off Lock Screen, Notification Center and Banner alerts.

Step 11

Now at last, turn off Allow Notifications.

Final Words

Hiding Messages is important at times when you are engaged in any confidential work where others knowing about your conversations might harm. The iPhone doesn’t really give any direct feature to hide your messages but yes by the above methods you can at least save it from getting leaked to someone else to some extent. You can also archive messages if you wish to. Hope this article helped to get your queries answered!


1.      How to hide text messages without deleting?

Turn off the notifications for the messages which will ensure no pop-ups when a message is received.

2.      How to hide messages for locked iPhone?

Under the Messages Notifications Section, turn off only the “Lock Screen” option.

3.      Can you have secret messages on your iPhone?

Turn off the Message previews on iPhone.

4.      What are some Secret Apps for the iPhone?

Photo Vault, Locker, Best Secret Folder

5.      How to find hidden text messages on an iPhone?

Settings > Notifications > Messages > Choose unhide alerts from Lock Screen, Notification Center, Banners or select all to show text conversations.