Home Uncategorized How to get help with AVG CloudCare installation and AVG CloudCare support details including contact, email and website details? -2022

How to get help with AVG CloudCare installation and AVG CloudCare support details including contact, email and website details? -2022


What is Avast CloudCare?

Avast CloudCare is a cloud-based security platform which provides multi-layered protection to IT professional networks, devices and multiple offices.

Avast is the one of the largest growing security platforms which aims to provide best antiviruses to the world in order to secure their respective systems. Avast Antivirus company was founded by Pavel Baudis and Eduard Kucera in 1988. Avast has its headquarters in Prague, Czech Republic.

From then till now, Avast has provided protection to many systems and currently has 435million active users all over the world. 

Avast is well-known in fields of small business and can sort out less complicated situations. So, it can be said that it is ideal for your home PCs or any small business network PCs.

Avast CloudCare

AVG CloudCare Installation

Details regarding AVG CloudCare installation are available on their website as well.

Below are the steps to give you a proper road-map to that –

Step 1

Click on the link below which will direct to the download page.
Click here

Step 2

Avast CloudCare installation

Choose the product you want to purchase from the “Choose your product” drop-down menu.

Step 3

A screen like above will come to you from where you are to choose your product.

Step 4

Select your desired platform from the “Choose your platform” drop-down menu.

Step 5

Click on “See Installation Instructions” which will give you the next on-screen steps.

In this way, you will get AVG CloudCare installed in your system. 

Next, is locating and activating the product.

Locating Activation Code –

Go through any of the below places to get your “activation code” –

  • The AVG Account that is linked to the email address which you provided while taking the subscription of the product.
  • The “Confirmation Mail” you received after the purchase of the product.
  • The “Activation Card” which you received with your purchase in an AVG box or plastic case.

Activating the key in Windows PC/ MAC

There are two steps you need to follow for this –

1. Enter Activation Code

2. Sign into AVG Account

Enter Activation Code

Step 1

Locate your activation code

Step 2

Double- Click the “AVG Internet Security” icon which will open the application.

AVG Antivirus

Step 3

Select Menu > Enter Activation Code.

Avast CloudCare

Step 4

You will get a text box there. Either paste or type your Activation code and click “Enter”.

Avast CloudCare

Step 5

Select the products which you want to install. You will get checkboxes next to each product name.

Click on “Activate & Install” to confirm installation of your selected products.

AVG CloudCare Support Details

Here, the link through which you will be directed to the page where you will find every detail related to the Support System of AVG CloudCare.

Click here


AVG CloudCare is easy to install and the directions given in the official site of the AVG are detailed enough. The support system of this antivirus company is good and is available for many countries now. AVG is beneficial for companies running on a small-scale. It does it’s best in protecting the system from all sorts of viruses. AVG CloudCare installation is a hassle-free process.