How To Fix “Avast Chrome Extension Not Working” Issue?

Your internet browser plays an extremely important role in cybersecurity and malware defense. You use your web browser to utilize online services, view multimedia entertainment, and a wide variety of other things. Therefore, it is extremely crucial to add certain browser extensions to improve your security and privacy, no matter how secure your browser is. 

Avast Online Security is an example of an effective Google Chrome security plugin. The Avast Online Security browser plugin monitors and enhances your online encryption and data governance and entire browsing experience. Furthermore, the Avast Online Security extension provides a wide variety of options to defend your computer system’s digital privacy and safety.

However, many users have reported certain issues with the Avast Chrome Extension either not functioning at all or not operating efficiently enough. Therefore, this article will not only discuss how to enable the Avast Online Security Chrome extension but also how to address issues with its performance. 

How To Enable the Avast Online Security Chrome Extension:

Step 1: 

Launch the Avast Antivirus program and select the ‘Menu’ option. Then click ‘Browser Extensions’ from the Avast Antivirus program interface.

Step 2: 

Next to the graphical Google Chrome icon, select the ‘Enable Extension’ option.

Step 3: 

You will then be taken to the official Chrome Web Store. Select the ‘’Add to Chrome.’ option.

Step 4: 

To confirm that you agree to the terms and conditions of adding the Avast Chrome plugin, click ‘Add extension.’

How To Fix Issues With Avast Chrome Extension:

If users are experiencing issues with the Avast Chrome Extension, they can try any of the following solutions:

Multiple Security Systems

If you use two or more antivirus programs or applications to monitor and protect the security of your computer system, they may cause a conflict with each other. These incompatibilities might result in some of the features of the Avast Chrome extension not functioning properly, which can be extremely inconvenient for users. Therefore, you must ensure that your computer system only has one antimalware and antivirus program installed. 

Avast offers a wide array of security features to safeguard your computer’s files, privacy, and overall data governance. Therefore, if you purchase and install the entire Avast Online Security Suite you will be able to safeguard against all potential computer system vulnerabilities, hence eliminating the need for multiple different antimalware and antivirus programs.

Enable the Avast Chrome Extension

Avast Internet Security employs the use of browser extensions to help users safeguard against malware, hackers and other potential security threats. However, for the Google Chrome extension to function properly it must be enabled at all times. Therefore, if the Avast Chrome extension is not functioning properly for you, it is highly likely that the extension is not properly enabled, and you will hence need to activate it.

Simply open Google Chrome and proceed to the settings. Then navigate to the extensions menu and ensure that the Avast Internet Security Extension is enabled.  Furthermore, disable any additional extensions that could potentially affect the functionality of the Avast Chrome extension.

All cookies, interaction cache, and adblocker applications are included under these particular extensions. Then, you will need to restart the Google Chrome application to resolve any potential issues that may have occurred with the Avast Internet Security program.

Alter Chrome Permission Settings

You must also check that the Avast Internet Security program has been granted the necessary rights to function properly. First, enter the settings on your computer system and ensure that there are no limitations on Avast Internet Security such as changing your Google Chrome settings, verifying the downloaded file, deleting unnecessary files in your system, and carefully monitoring your overall browser traffic. 

This will grant the Avast Chrome extension the necessary permissions required to effectively and accurately detect and prevent malware attacks.

Update Avast Online Security 

Another potential factor that may be affecting your Avast Internet Security program or some of its functionalities to stop working is that you are utilizing an outdated version of the program. The older version may include out-of-date virus definitions which will ultimately affect the program’s ability to accurately detect the presence of viruses.

Fix Your Avast Chrome Extension Now:

Avast Online Security provides users with a wide array of options to protect their files, data governance and overall system encryption such as the Avast Chrome extension. However, the extension may not function appropriately due to the presence of multiple security systems installed on your computer, not enabling the extension properly, incorrect permission settings or an outdated version of the Avast Online Security program.

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