How to export video in a smaller file size in premiere pro cc? -2022

Platforms often have file size fixed. Suppose, you make a video to upload it on some platform but unfortunately the file size of your video exceeds the assigned file size – then disappointment comes as your time has been wasted.

Like you have various apps to reduce your picture and pdf file size, there are also apps to do so with videos. Premiere Pro is such an application which helps in reducing the file effectively without damaging the video quality.

Steps to export video in a smaller file size in premiere pro CC

Step 1

Export the video.
Open the Premiere Pro interface. Go to File > Export Media. For After Effects, Go to Composition > Add to Adobe Media Encoder Queue.
This will open the Media Encoder, click the “output file” link in the queue to edit the settings.

Step 2

Then you need to adjust the bitrate settings. Pressing the down arrow will open the box.

Step 3

Before doing the bitrate settings, let’s understand “What is Bitrate?”
Bitrate means the amount of data size that can be encoded for a video at a specific time. In Premiere pro, this bitrate unit is Mbps or megabytes per second. Before changing the Bitrate settings, change the preset.
Change the bitrate encoding to “VBR, 2 pass”. Set the target and maximum bitrates to 2 and 5. VBR stands for “variable bit rate” and setting it to “VBR 2 Pass” will help you to keep the video quality as the actual file even after reducing the file size.

Go to reduce your file size

The above steps will help you reduce your file size without affecting the video quality. Premiere Pro is one of the leading and popular video editing software which helps you to create eye-catching videos. You can create your own professional content and customize them with animated graphics and titles. You can add audio files to your video as well. You can edit a heavy file to a light file – to be precise be a DSLR click or your android click, Premiere Pro is ideal for both. Hope this small tutorial will work well for you to reduce your file size.

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