How To Do Handwritten Messages On iOS 10

The Messages application in iOS 10 has been completely redesigned, with a wide variety of new additional features that make staying in touch with friends and family much more enjoyable and significantly more efficient. A new handwriting feature, which allows users to send handwritten notes to their loved ones, is one of the many new personalized and customized elements introduced to the Messages application.

New updates in iOS 10 can significantly enhance messaging communication by providing iPhone users with additional methods to interact via graphics, effects, and emojis. It’s also extremely simple to send handwritten messages. Therefore, the following article is a comprehensive guide to help users understand how they can take advantage of the handwritten messaging feature on iOS 10.

How To Send Handwritten Messages On iOS 10:

Users that want to send handwritten messages on iOS 10 can simply follow these steps:

Step 1: Landscape Mode

Turn your iPhone into landscape mode. You may use handwritten messages on your iPad in either landscape or portrait resolution.

Step 2: Click The Zigzag Symbol

On the iPhone, click the handwriting zigzag symbol to the right of the return key. On the iPad, press the number key. The handwriting option will appear. 

Step 3: Draw Message

Write whatever you want on the screen using your finger or stylus. If you want to continue writing after reaching the end of the screen, click the on-screen arrow. Using a two-finger swipe, return to the beginning.

Step 4: Pre-Written Alternative

Otherwise, users can select one of the pre-written alternative options listed below the drawing board. 

Step 5: Share Digital Image

When you’re finished writing your handwritten message, press the “Done” button to return to the regular keyboard. In the message composition field, your handwritten message will be available as a digital image to share.

Share Handwritten Messages On iOS 10 Now:

Handwritten messages are an extremely practical and enjoyable way to communicate with friends and family. Therefore, users can take advantage of the new handwritten messaging features through the Messages app on iOS 10.

Handwritten message length on the iPhone or iPad is restricted to two screens. Therefore, the handwriting function is mostly intended for brief sentences to support larger text messages. However, it is a basic feature that adds a nice personalized experience to your chats. It may also be used to communicate with other users through small drawings.

​​Therefore, to utilize the handwritten messaging feature on iOS 10, users can simply follow the aforementioned step-by-step instructions.