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How to delete custom scheduled scans Avast CloudCare? Step by Step guide -2021


Avast is undoubtedly one of the largest antivirus companies which have been serving the computer world for more than a decade now.  It is a multinational cybersecurity company which was founded by Pavel Baudis and Eduard Kucera in 1988 with the headquarters in Prague, The Czech Republic.

Avast CloudCare is a cloud-based endpoint solution platform which is quite easy to install, deploy and maintain as per the needs of the user.

Ways to use Avast CloudCare –

1.      You can download it from any link sent by any user in your mail address.

2.      You can use someone else’s installed Avast CloudCare with your own credentials.

Avast cloudcare - custom scans
To know more about Avast Cloudcare – https://qsendersoftware.com/what-do-you-need-to-know-about-avast-cloudcare-how-is-it-helpful-for-business/

Manual Scan Versus Scheduled Scan

Manual ScanScheduled Scan
The user needs to click on “Scan Now” and the system automatically starts scanning all the files irrespective of whether they were scanned before or not.The user can schedule the time when he/she is comfortable in scanning and also select the files or applications to be scanned.
In this case, it also takes care of old infections caused to the system and tries to remediate them.It runs all the files with the same frequency.
The user needs to click on Scan >Manual Scan and then “Scan Now” and when wishes to end it, click on “Stop Scanning”.To configure a scheduled scan, the user needs to Go to Scans > Schedule Scan. Then fix the date and time for it.
understand the difference

How to Schedule a Scan in Avast CloudCare?

Avast CloudCare gives the option for Scheduling Scans in both free and paid mode.

Below are the steps to be followed to schedule a scan:

Avast cloudcare- custom scans

How to Schedule a Scan in Avast CloudCare?

Step 1

avastcloudcare-custom scans

Open the Avast User Interface.

Step 2

avast cloudcare-custom scans

In case, the window does not open automatically: Go to “Antivirus”. Click on it. Then Click on “Scan Now”.

Step 3

avasr cloudcare-custom scans

In the bottom right corner of the window, click on “Create A New Scan”.

Step 4

avast cloudcare-custom scans

Click on “Scheduling”. Then click the box just next to “Schedule this Scan”

Step 5

For Selecting the frequency of the scan, go to the Schedule Type drop-down menu and for any options about the scan, go to the “Scan Scheduler” section.

Step 6

Select the time and day of the scan in this Schedule section.

Step 7

Click “OK” in order to save your set schedule.
While running a Scheduled Scan, if you click on Manual Scan then the Schedule Scan will be aborted. It will again run as usual in its scheduled day and time.

How to delete custom schedule scans in Avast CloudCare?

To delete Schedule Scans in Avast CloudCare, you can go through different ways –

Below are the ways, you can use any of them according to your convenience –

Step 1

You can delete it from the Windows Task Scheduler. There you will see the tasks you have scheduled and can easily delete it from there.

avast cloudcare-custom scans

Step 2

Another way is to deselect the checkbox which was selected before to schedule the task. Firstly, deselect it and click on the Save button to confirm it.

avast cloudcare-custom scans


Scheduling a scan for the system is a good practice as it will ensure that your system functions well with no virus. Whenever the user goes for manual scan, there remains a chance of forgetting to scan the system. But in schedule custom scans, the system will be automatically scanned and keep the system virus free. Positive side is the user can easily delete the scheduled custom scan according to needs.