How To Correctly Balance Volume/Signal Controls Between Headphones, Amp, and DAC?

Volume/signal balance issues while listening to audio using headphones, amps or digital-to-analog converters (D.A.C.) can be extremely frustrating and can seem completely unfixable. Usually, the problem is with one of the output device’s audio channels, which transports the signal from the audio input device to the output device. 

The signal is then divided across the output device’s left and right channels, resulting in an equal quantity of sound for both output devices. When one particular audio channel is over or underrepresented, audio is spread between channels, giving the appearance that your output device’s volume/signal control balance is uneven.

Therefore, the following article is a comprehensive guide to help users understand what causes unbalanced volume/signal controls between headphones, amps and DAC as well as how they can fix prevailing issues. 

What Causes Imbalanced Volume/Signal Controls?

  1. Equalizer Settings

Unbalanced volume/signal controls between output devices are frequently caused by changed equalization (E.Q.) settings. When more signals are delivered to one unit than the other, frequencies are degraded, resulting in an audio experience that appears to be imbalanced.

  1. Control Panel Sound Effects

Specialized sound effects on computer systems are intended to modify the impression of audio coming from the device’s sound card. These sound effects may be accessed through the Control Panel.

  1. Connection To Incorrect Output 

When you connect your output devices to the incorrect output, you may experience imbalanced channels and audio.

How To Balance Volume/Signal Controls:

Users can balance volume/signal controls by following these steps:

Step 1: Control Panel

Navigate to the ‘Control Panel.’

Step 2: Sound Settings

Search for the ‘Sound’ option and click on it.

Step 3: Properties

Right-click on the specific output device of your choice and click ‘Properties.’

Step 4: Levels

Select the ‘Levels’ menu.

Step 5: Balance

To the right of your chosen output device, press the ‘Balance’ option.

Step 6: Adjust Balance

Adjust the balance of your output device until your output audio sounds the same or restore the balance to make it sound equal.

Balance Your Device’s Volume/Signal Controls Between Headphones, Amps and D.A.C. Now:

Volume/signal balance difficulties while listening to audio through headphones, amps, or digital-to-analog converters (D.A.C.) can be exceedingly frustrating and may appear to be unfixable. However,  the issue is usually with one of the audio channels on the output device, which carries the signal from the audio input device to the output device.

Therefore, users can easily fix volume/signal balance issues on their output devices by following the aforementioned step-by-step guidelines.