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How do you change your voicemail?


You might always not be in a position to take calls. It might be because you are busy, stuck in a meeting, in a session or driving. But declining the call sounds rude at times, so leaving a voicemail in that case can manage the situation. You have been using your phone for a long time now, and if you aren’t very familiar with how to set your voicemail or change it, then you are at the right page. Within a few seconds read, you will get the details related to it. So, keep reading!

Set or Change your Voicemail

I will be discussing the steps platform-wise. Check out the steps according to your requirements. Let’s get started!

Platform 1: Android

Follow the below steps:

Method 1:

Setting Voicemail and changing it.

Step 1: Phone App

voicemail recording

Switch on your phone and tap on the Phone App.

Step 2: Dial pad

voicemail recording

Tap on the Dial Pad icon which is present on the bottom of your screen which will give you the phone’s dial pad.

Step 3: Voicemail

Voicemail recording

Type the phone number which is linked to your voicemail account and then tap on the call button.

Step 4: Voicemail Password

Voicemail recording

This might be optional. If you have any password to your voicemail account, then you will be asked to dial that. After which your voicemail system will open.

Step 5: Voicemail settings

Voicemail settings might differ with respect to your telecom carrier. But the general process will be almost the same.
Tap the key on the keypad corresponding to your personal settings.

Step 6: Greeting or recorded name settings

Tap on the key in the dial pad corresponding to your greeting or recorded name.

Step 7: Editing voicemail

Now tap on the number on the dial pad which corresponds to editing or recording voicemail greetings.

Step 8: Choosing Greeting

Here, you get the option of choosing the greeting – standard or customized. Accordingly, there are keys set on your voicemail settings.
For standard greeting, you will be given variations- you are to choose which best suits your need.
For custom greeting, wait for the prompt tone to sound, then start recording your message. After you are done with your message, tap on the assigned key to stop the recording.
You can replay the greeting to see if it’s up to your expectation.

Step 9: Hang up

Voicemail recording

After all the above steps are done and your greeting is ready to be sent, tap on the End Call button which will make you exit from the voicemail system.


Method 2:

To Change your greeting:

Step 1: Open the Google Voice app.

Step 2: Select Menu > Settings at the top left.

Step 3: Tap on Voicemail Greeting under Voicemail Section.

Step 4: To set a particular greeting, tap on the three dots next to it and Select Set Active.

Platform 2: iPhone/iOS

Follow the below steps:

Step 1: Phone App

Firstly, Open the Phone App of your device.

Voicemail recording

Step 2: Voicemail

Tap on the Voicemail icon which is present in the bottom right corner.

Voicemail recording

Step 3: Greeting

Tap on the Greeting option in the top left corner.

Voicemail recording

Step 4: Choose Greetings

Default carrier’s generic greetings are set up. To record customized greetings, tap on Custom.

Voicemail recording

Step 5: Record

To start recording, tap on Record.

Voicemail recording

Step 6: Complete Recording

To stop and complete the recording, tap on Stop.

Voicemail recording

Step 7: Replay

You can play the recording to check if it’s up to your expectations. If you wish to make any changes, tap on Record again and record it back.

Voicemail recording

Step 8: Save the Recording

Tap on Save when you are done recording and satisfied with it.

Voicemail recording

Go to record your Voicemail now:

Voicemail greetings are undoubtedly the best way to explain the reason behind you not being able to pick up a call or give your reason to call anyone. Declining calls specially when someone really in need called you is obviously rude. So, to avoid such unwanted scenarios, recording voicemail greetings could help a lot. The above steps are to make your work a bit easier. Hope these steps helped you to get the desired results.