How do you change the size of a video in Premiere Pro CC? -2022

What is Premiere Pro?

Adobe Premiere Pro is a timeline-oriented video editing software which was developed by Adobe Inc. in 2003. Premiere Pro allows high resolution video editing in RGB and YUV format. You can resize the file size, change the size of the video, give effects to it, merge videos and many more.

How to change the width and height of a video?

Premiere Pro comes with simple sequence settings which can help to change the width and height of your video.

Follow the below steps to get the results:

Step 1

Go to the Project Panel to check the video resolution. This will help you to decide the height and width.

Step 2

Go to the toolbar at the top of your screen, then Sequence > Sequence Settings.

Step 3

You will get an option as “Change Frame Size” in the video section. Do the necessary changes of your video resolution there.

Step 4

Suppose some of your clips are too large to fit, so to adjust – select the clip in the timeline, and use the Effects Control panel to change the scale of the clip.

How to crop video?

This is to slice the unwanted parts from your video. This also helps to create split screen and multi-screen effects.

Follow the below steps to crop your video –

Step 1

In the Effects Panel, go to the Crop effect.

Step 2

Click and drag the effect to a video or clip in your timeline.

Step 3

In the Effects Control panel, change the direction of the crop.

Step 4

Click and drag the blue numbers in the control panel to observe the crop

Then click the blue numbers and type the percentage of crop you wish to have.

Go to reduce your file size:

The above steps will help you to change the size of the video according to your needs. Premiere Pro is one of the leading and popular video editing software which helps you to create eye-catching videos. You can create your own professional content and customize them with animated graphics and titles. You can add audio files to your video as well. You can edit a heavy file to a light file – to be precise be a DSLR click or your android click, Premiere Pro is ideal for both.

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