Hotmail Account Stopped Working

Hotmail Account Stopped Working (Fixed) Step by Step

Hotmail is one of the oldest webmail services and is used widely. Hotmail renamed by Microsoft to Outlook but today also most people call it Hotmail. Although Hotmail has some issues relating to login issues, not receiving your mail. These issues are reported regularly by users, we have a step by step guide to fix any Hotmail account stopped working. There are multiple ways to fix the account, some may work for your issue some may not. Try each method till you have no issues with your Hotmail account

Hotmail Account Stopped Working
Hotmail Account Stopped Working (Fixed)

Why your Hotmail Account Stopped Working? 

  • Outdated version
  • Improper configuration
  • Incorrect details
  • Cache and cookies
  • Internet connection
  • Virus
  • Errors 

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How to Fix your Hotmail Account Stopped Working? 

  1. Outdated Version: If you are using Hotmail on the app make sure you have the latest version of the app installed. Sometimes older versions of apps can have issues so update your app if you haven’t. 
  2. Improper Configuration: The server configuration might not be done properly. You need to check the following details to ensure the server configuration is done properly to ensure Hotmail is working properly. For Incoming Mail Server-Imap name – SSL type – yes.Port no- 993
    For Outgoing Mail Server –Smtp name -mail.outlook.comSSL Type- YesPort no – 465
  3. Incorrect details: It is possible that you may not be entering the correct details of the receiver’s email that may be preventing the email to go through. Ensure you are entering the correct details before sending the email. 
  4. Cache and cookies: As we browse websites our browser saves cache and cookies, these can add up and get corrupted. These corrupted cookies can cause the browser to not work properly. You need to go to your browser’s settings and clear your browser’s cache and cookies to resolve this issue. 
  5. Internet Connection: Check if your internet is working properly, sometimes connection issues can also cause Hotmail from working properly. 
  6. Virus: Sometimes there might be an issue due to viruses or malware that may be preventing the email service from working. Install an antivirus to detect and remove the virus if there is any. 

Can’t Sign into Hotmail Account Problem?

Sometimes you may encounter a problem while logging into Hotmail. There are numerous issues that may cause you from logging in. There are many troubleshooting methods that we have listed below to resolve this issue. Try these methods if you can’t sign in to your Hotmail. 

  • Disable all active browser extensions if any, extensions can cause some issues while you log in. 
  • Make sure you are entering the correct credentials while logging into your account. Also, make sure the Caps lock is off when you enter your email and password. Cross-check your credentials once if you are still unable to log in. 
  • Sometimes internet connectivity issues can also cause troubles while logging into Hotmail. Make sure you have an active internet connection, also if your internet is working fine there might be some issue with your device connectivity. 
  • Make sure to install an antivirus for your device. Some malware can prevent users from logging into Hotmail. Perform regular check for such malware to avoid any issues when you log into Hotmail. 
  • You need to clear your browser’s cache and cookies to resolve this issue as we discussed earlier. Cookies can pile up and may not work properly, just go to your browser settings and clear all cache and cookies

Just follow the simple steps if your Hotmail account has stopped working or if you can’t sign in to your Hotmail account

If you can’t log in into your Hotmail account on your Apple IOS device then just reboot your device by pressing the power and lock button together for five seconds. Sometimes there are some issues on IOS devices that can be simply resolved by rebooting the device. If still, you are having issues logging into to Hotmail account there might be some server issues that will resolve itself. Just wait for a few minutes and try to log in again. 

We hope this article helped you to resolve the issue of ‘Hotmail Account Stopped Working‘ and also you were able to log into Hotmail after following the steps given above.

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