Going On Picnic Game

Going On Picnic Game Rules and Instructions

Going on a picnic game where the player has to think of a word starting with A and the remaining players have to say words starting with B, C, D, and so on. This game is really good for long drives, you won’t know when you reach your destination. You need just a few players to play this game, also you can play this game larger group too.

How to play Going on a Picnic Game

Any player can start this game. The first player needs to think of a word starting and then start off the game by saying I’m going on a picnic and bringing… Then complete the sentence with a word that starts with A. If the player has chosen Apricots then he’ll say I’m going on and picnic and bringing Apricots.

Then similarly then the next player has to complete the same sentence with a word starting with the letter B for example Butter and including the word that the previous players have played. Then C, D, E, and so on.

So the player who has to say the word starting from C will include Apricots and Butter too. You can reduce the difficulty by just mention a new letter rather than saying all previous words. This variation is perfect for small kids.

If the player says a word that does not fit the pattern they are eliminated and the previous player has to say “No you cannot bring a shoe on the picnic.” (cream is the wrong word here.) Also if you are following the first pattern to include all the previous words. Any player who fails to say all the words correctly is also out and the previous player has to has the same line.

The player who has correctly recited the most number of words wins.

Going On Picnic Game
Going On Picnic Game Rules


There are many variations of the game that you can play. You can play the word pattern where the first player needs to figure out a pattern for example words with two same consecutive letters. All the next players need to figure out the patterns and say the words accordingly.

You can also add other words instead of ‘picnic’ while saying the sentences. Like for say mountains, Africa, or anything else you want. Then all players will have to say I’m going to the mountains and taking….’

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