Explain in detail about – “Avast Business Management console installation guide”. -2022

Avast Business

Avast Business is best suited for small and medium size businesses and managed service providers for those. These small and medium businesses might go for management console or standalone version whichever suits better. In the case of the standalone version, each system needs to be installed with the antivirus and can be configured only from that system. Whereas in the management console, it provides better control and standardized policy setup.

Avast On-Premise Console

The Avast On-Premise Console provides

  •   Complete control over the behaviour of Antivirus on endpoint devices.
  •   Centralised control over multiple devices from a single point.
  •   Alerts provided to get updated about the current environment of the antivirus.
  •   Automatic updates.

Setting Up the Console

Step1 – Navigate through the below link

Step 2 – Under the Business Tab, you get two options

(i)               Console Installer for Windows (for Microsoft Windows server operating system)
(ii)              Console Image for Docker (for MacOS X or Linux operating system)

Activating Licenses

An activation code is necessary to get the confirmation of your purchase. This will contain all the important information regarding your edition of software.

Step 1

When you try to run the console for the first time, the screen will ask for your license code.

Step 2

Enter your license code.

Step 3

Click Activate license code.  

Assigning Licenses to Devices

This can be done only after you have added a device to your network.

The device will go for a restart to start with this process.

1.      On “Devices” page, do any of the following steps –

(a)    To add all devices in a group, Click the “More” button next to the group name. Then click “Edit group”.


(b)   To add multiple devices, select the checkboxes next to the devices. Then click Actions > Change subscription.


(c)    To add a single device, click the “More” button next to a device, then click “Change subscription”.

2.      Select the license according to your need from the drop-down menu.

3.      Click “Apply” for the license you want to change to or “Save group” for adding license to a group.

Go for Avast Business Installation

Avast Business Installation is quite easy to install and deploy. The Avast support team works very well and tries to answer all the queries effectively.

Keeping an antivirus installed in the system, especially for business purposes, is very necessary in order to keep intruders away from your system. Avast Business is easy to manage and understand. Password management is excellent and does real-time virus scanning. Thus, could prove a good option for small and medium business purposes.