Chase The Ace Instructions

Chase The Ace – Rules And Instructions

In the game of Chase the Ace, if all numbers are in your favour then you’re in for a big win and if not get ready to lose.

What do you need to do in the Game?

Each player has to Chase the Ace around the table and also make sure that they are not stuck with the lowest card.

In Chase the Ace the kings are considered high and aces are considered low.

Chase The Ace Instructions
Chase The Ace

What You Will Need To Play the Game

  • At least 5 or more players
  • A deck of Cards
  • Proper playing area with seating for everyone.

How to Start The Game. 

First, each player has to draw a card from the deck. Then the player who has the highest card will be the dealer. Then every player will be given 3 counters by the dealer. And then the dealer has to give one card to every player.

How to Play Chase the Ace?

Each player can take a look at their cards and decide whether they want to play further or not.

If a player wants to keep the card he/she will have to say ‘Stand‘ and if they don’t want to get rid of that card he/she needs to say ‘Change‘. The first turn will be of the player sitting on the left side of the dealer.

If a player says ‘Change‘ then they need to pass the card to the player on the left with the facedown. The player on the left must change their cards with the player who called ‘Change‘ unless they have a King. If the player has a king, they need to show it to the rest of the players, making them safe for the round.

If the person on left has a King then the person next to him will exchange cards with the player who called ‘Change’.

Changing the card is the biggest gamble here. Unless you have an Ace you are always in danger of getting a lower card. After the cards are exchanged, the player who’s card was taken away will check their new card. If they want to change it again they need to exchange the card with the person on the left again.

The game will continue the same till it reaches back to the dealer. If the dealer is wanting to exchange cards they need to take the card on top of the deck and place theirs at the bottom.

How to Score in the Game?

Once a round is complete, all players will place their cards face up so that everyone can see. The player who has the lowest card has lost and need to place one of the 3 counters they received at the start. If two or more players have the same lowest card then they all need to place 1 counter each. Then all cards are collected and placed at the bottom of the deck. If a player loses all their counters they are knocked out of the game.

Once a player loses all their counters they are out of the game.

How to Win?

The player who has 1 or more counters at the end is the winner.

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