How to Turn Off Flashlights on Android? [in 2022]

How to Turn Off Flashlights on Android

Flashlight is something whose usage varies from person to person. You might use it for having better photographs in a dim environment whereas someone else might use it just to get through in dark. Android phones have pre-installed flashlight features and can be quickly accessed when needed. Below are a few steps which will guide … Read more

How To Get Phone Icons Back On Android

As long as a user’s device’s storage space allows, it is extremely simple to download and utilize applications with an Android smartphone. All that users need to do is go to the Google Play Store, select an app, and install it. Users have a multitude of different applications available to us at all times. However, … Read more

How To Turn Off Google Voice Typing On Android

Google voice search is a sophisticated function of the Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Assistant present in almost every Android-powered smartphone that allows your smartphone to perform online searches, make phone calls, capture photographs, set alarms, organize calendar appointments, write notes, and much more. However, for a wide variety of reasons, not all users may want to … Read more

How to share an Android Screen to a Monitor or TV? – 2022

Technologies have evolved a long way. We are no longer limited to just using our android devices for social media and making calls or texting. It’s beyond that now. Suppose, you feel like not watching today’s match or maybe a movie on your small mobile screen – you now have a solution for it. You … Read more

How To Connect The Ultimate Ears Speaker?

How To Connect The Ultimate Ears Speaker?

A bluetooth speaker system is defined as an amplifier and sound projector that has bluetooth wireless transmission and has been paired with one or more smartphones or other mobile devices. A Bluetooth speaker, such as the Ultimate Ears speaker,  which is available in a wide variety of sizes, including replacement battery and rechargeable variants as … Read more

How to turn off Google Assistant on your Android Phone? -2022

What is Google Assistant? Google Assistant is an artificial intelligence developed by Google which works as a virtual assistant for smartphones or smart devices. Google Assistant primarily started as Google’s messaging app Allo and its voice activated speaker Google Home. At the start of Assistant in the web-world in 2016, it was a one-way virtual … Read more

How Do I Transfer Text Messages From My Android To My Computer?

Although social media platforms are growing increasingly popular as digital technology continues to evolve, instant messaging remains an essential feature for most users on Android phones. Users send and receive a significant amount of text messages on their Android phones. Therefore, as the amount of data on messaging platforms increases exponentially, users can be concerned … Read more

How To Find Hidden Apps On Android

There are certain malware applications accessible outside of the Google Play Store that you may accidentally install on your phone. These applications operate invisibly and pass user data to illegal organizations. Unless you use an antivirus tool on your smartphone to detect hidden spy applications for Android, you must delete such hidden apps on your … Read more

How To Earn Money From Developing Android Apps

Android applications are an excellent tool for business owners to improve their organizational operations. They are also an excellent forum if you believe your concept will be the next big thing, similar to Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat. It is critical to plan your Android application’s income model prior to beginning app development. You might potentially … Read more

How Much Money Do Free Apps Make Per Download?

Building an app can be done for a wide variety of different reasons, such as streamlining a certain procedure or business process, boosting consumer interaction, lowering advertising expenses, making life simpler for a specific demographic or target audience, and so on.  However, while each application developer has a distinct motivation for creating, developing and deploying … Read more

Best Android Voicemail App 2021 😃


In this article, I will make sure you get the Best Android Voicemail App of 2021. voicemail apps are great for people who receive lots of calls or messages on their phones. They allow users to listen to voice mail without having to pick up their phones. Instead, they can use an application like Google … Read more