How To Delete History On Phone

Most web browsers keep a track of the websites you’ve viewed. You may remove this record at any moment, which will erase your browser history and erase any records recorded on your smartphone. Since each browser has its own history, if you have used more than one browser, you will need to erase the history … Read more

How to make an iPhone louder? -2022

Increasing the volume of an iPhone might be for listening to music, watching videos or speaking to someone over call. Adjusting the settings of the sound becomes necessary. In your personal space, you can make it as per your wish but when you are in a public area, proper adjustments are required to avoid chaos … Read more

How to Turn Off Flashlights on Android? [in 2022]

How to Turn Off Flashlights on Android

Flashlight is something whose usage varies from person to person. You might use it for having better photographs in a dim environment whereas someone else might use it just to get through in dark. Android phones have pre-installed flashlight features and can be quickly accessed when needed. Below are a few steps which will guide … Read more

How To Change The Colour Of Your Apps in your Iphone?

Apple’s recently released operating system, iOS 14 has been a major success since it introduces a new ability of customizing and personalizing a user’s phone home screen without the use of third-party applications or software. Users can easily customize their smartphone’s home screen with all of the advanced customization choices accessible to them.  This new … Read more

How To Get Phone Icons Back On Android

As long as a user’s device’s storage space allows, it is extremely simple to download and utilize applications with an Android smartphone. All that users need to do is go to the Google Play Store, select an app, and install it. Users have a multitude of different applications available to us at all times. However, … Read more

How to name a group text on an iPhone? -2022

Group texting is a way to communicate with multiple people at one time. Be it calling for an urgent meeting or inviting your group of friends for a house party, Group text is probably the best way to communicate. Wherever you go through your chat list, if convenient and meaningful names are given to your … Read more

How To Turn Off Google Voice Typing On Android

Google voice search is a sophisticated function of the Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Assistant present in almost every Android-powered smartphone that allows your smartphone to perform online searches, make phone calls, capture photographs, set alarms, organize calendar appointments, write notes, and much more. However, for a wide variety of reasons, not all users may want to … Read more

How to share an Android Screen to a Monitor or TV? – 2022

Technologies have evolved a long way. We are no longer limited to just using our android devices for social media and making calls or texting. It’s beyond that now. Suppose, you feel like not watching today’s match or maybe a movie on your small mobile screen – you now have a solution for it. You … Read more

How To Connect The Ultimate Ears Speaker?

How To Connect The Ultimate Ears Speaker?

A bluetooth speaker system is defined as an amplifier and sound projector that has bluetooth wireless transmission and has been paired with one or more smartphones or other mobile devices. A Bluetooth speaker, such as the Ultimate Ears speaker,  which is available in a wide variety of sizes, including replacement battery and rechargeable variants as … Read more

How To Block Adult Websites On My Phone?

Everything is available online, from entertainment to unwanted, adult content. If your children access the internet through your phone on a regular basis, they may come across problematic adult websites even if they are not explicitly looking for them. This exposes them to absorb complex, mature material at an early age.  As websites no longer … Read more

How To Connect Earbuds To Phone

As wired headphone connections become outdated, it is likely that your next pair of headphones will connect to your phone through bluetooth rather than via a cord. Bluetooth headphones use no cables to connect to your input devices.  As a result, it’s understandable if users experience difficulty connecting their Bluetooth headphones to their smartphones. However, … Read more

How To Get New Emojis On iPhone?

How To Get New Emojis On iPhone -

Communicating through instant messaging without using emojis simply does not feel the same. Instead of utilising regular, repetitive text, emojis bring variety to your electronic messaging correspondence. As a result, emojis have become a standard feature on almost all smartphones and tablets. With every passing year, Apple releases new iOS software upgrades, and with those … Read more