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4 Best Cricket Games For PC – {Reviewed after Testing}

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world and has a large following. Just like there are games like PES and FIFA for football there are many cricket games for PC. Advanced cricket games are much more realistic and complex than most online cricket games. You can also check out our article about the Best Online Cricket Games here.

In this article, we have listed the best cricket game for PC for all cricket enthusiasts and cricket fans. Select the one you like the best after reading this article. We have played all the games ourselves before we wrote this article to get a better picture.


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Best Cricket Games For PC

Ashes Cricket

Ashes Cricket was developed and launched in 2017 by BigAntStudios. It features the famous rivalry named Ashes between Australia and England. The game is licensed for Australian and England cricketers only and features the full squad at that time. Including the likes of Alastair Cook, Joe Root, Steve Smith, and many more fantastic players. Playing this game is quite lifelike and you will be impressed by how much cricket games have evolved. This game has quite realistic graphics, all the players and stadiums have been replicated with great detail. 

You can play the standard Ashes Tournament which includes the Test series and ODIs between England and Australia. You can also download and play with other cricket teams with a dedicated community feature. In the dedicated community feature, you can download players, stadiums apart from teams. Ashes Cricket is fun to play, especially if you are an Ashes fan. You can also play the career mode selecting any Individual player. But the game has limited game modes compared to the other games on the list. Also, batting and bowling in this game are not so simple. You will need some time to get accustomed to the game before you can increase the difficulty, especially while batting.  

Cricket 19

Cricket 19 is has a similar gaming engine to Ashes Cricket. It has many more game modes compared to Ashes Cricket, which BigAntStudios corrected very well. The version of the game has much more improved graphics and better visuals than the predecessor. 

You can play International cricket with a few more international teams in this game. Although the following set of teams are unlicensed these include India, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, West Indies, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan. You can also download and play with other cricket teams just like Ashes Cricket with the dedicated community feature. Or play the career mode selecting any Individual player.

Playing Cricket 19 is quite similar to Ashes Cricket apart from a few tweaks here and there. Cricket 19 came out during the 2019 Ashes Test series, between Australia and England. 

BigAntStuidos has made Cricket 19 with quite realistic graphics and you’ll like how many options you get while you bat and bowl. The new AI allows AI players to think in situations like run-outs. Also, the AI teams can make plans according to the target they need to defend or chase. The AI players either play aggressive or defensive depending on the situation. This game is a must-have if you are an avid fan of cricket games. This game is undoubtedly the best cricket game for PC on this list and also has the best graphics. 

Don Bradman Cricket 17

Don Bradman cricket 17 is one of the few games that are available for consoles, all other cricket games are only for PC. This game is also developed by BigAntStudios and they launched the game in 2017. This game is also quite fun and realistic to play. The game has quite rich visuals and quite impressive in terms of graphics. 

It is quite difficult to stay consistent during bowling when you’re playing the game. The bowling mechanics is quite complicated. You have options to change the flight, speed, and pitch swing which are quite difficult to perfect which makes the game much more challenging. You can get the hang of bowling controls in Don Bradman Cricket 17 in the training mode.

Fielding, on the other hand, is quite poor. I suggest you to set the fielding setting to AI where you don’t have to control the players. You can download community-created players to fix the issue of unlicensed players. There are enough game modes to keep you hooked but there’s always room for improvement. You will get to play only a few tournaments in this game. The overall performance of this game is quite good. Only buy and play this game if you know the technical side of cricket too. This is more like a cricket simulation, which is quite difficult and challenging at the same time.

Big Bash Boom

This cricket game Big Bash Boom is another creation of BigAntStudios which is based in the Australian Big Bash League. Big Bash Boom is the official game for Big Bash League, Australia’s own T20  tournament just like IPL. The game is best known for its eye-catching visuals and decent graphics. 

This game is made to have fun rather than playing realistic cricket. You perform crazy things like setting the pitch on fire so the opposite team can’t run or bowl deliveries at 190 km/h and much more. Also, the game has bobble-headed players who have small bodies and large heads. This game also features great animations that are really good to watch. This game has its own funny element and it would make you laugh for sure. The Special effects are the main highlight of the game. Whenever you hit a boundary or take a wicket, the special effects of the game make it much more interesting. 

The game is quite easy compared to other games on this list. Just the bowling gets a little difficult if you increase the difficulty level. Fielding is automated as standard so you don’t pay attention there. The best part about this game is batting, the kind of batting shots you can play makes the game much more fun to play. The bobble-headed players make the game much more fun. Overall this cricket game is quite fun to play but the game could have got more simplicity. For some people, these fun features would be too much. This game also has a tournament mode where you can select your favorite team to play multiple matches to win. You should play this game at least once. 


What is the best cricket game for PC?

Cricket 19 is the best cricket game for PC in the list. This game has multiple game modes and is quite realistic compared to the other games on the list. Also, this game has the most advanced graphics and players almost look real sometimes.

Why EA Sports Stopped Making Cricket Games?

Cricket is quite a popular sport but it’s following limited to only a few countries. Also, cricket games are quite complicated and require much more capital to develop than other games. Amongst the ten teams India. EA sports was having difficulty profit from this game segment. So they discontinued the development of cricket games.

How do you hit a six in cricket 2007 PC?

To hit a six in Cricket 07 you need to press shift + right/left arrow + D or shift+rightleft arrow+S.

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