Avast Business vs Bitdefender gravity zone

Avast Business

Avast is a widely popular multinational cybersecurity platform which focuses on giving the world ways to protect their systems from intruders. Avast was founded in 1988 by Pavel Baudis and Eduard Kucera. The headquarters of Avast are in Prague, the Czech Republic. Avast Cloudcare business is a cloud-based endpoint solution which is easy to install and run.

Avast Business is best suited for small and medium size businesses and managed service providers for those. These small and medium businesses might go for management console or standalone version whichever suits better. In the case of the standalone version, each system needs to be installed with the antivirus and can be configured only from that system. Whereas in the management console, it provides better control and standardized policy setup.

Features of Avast Business

The Avast Business Antivirus Pro version comes with some amazing features to make user experience better and smoother. Notable features are browsing protection, anti-spamming and anti-phishing protection, remote management (which won’t affect your processor usage) and a strong firewall.

Core Shields

Under this section, comes four shields namely File Shield, Behaviour Shield, Web Shield and Mail Shield.

File Shield scans the file which is downloaded in the system from the web or a removable drive and auto-run extensions as well.

Behaviour Shield blocks all such malicious files or applications which might cause problems to the system and warns of any suspicious activity.

Web Shield blocks web attacks and suspicious downloads.

Mail Shield scans the attachments and links received in mail and eradicates the malwares which might come from them.

Data Shredder

This is a special feature which allows you to shred specific portions of an already deleted file. Even after deleting a file you can retain a portion of it through this.


This is a tool which helps the user to test the legitimacy of the files without disrupting the proper functioning of the system. The user can select apps which need internet access and keep trusted files outside this box.

Pros and Cons

Safe to use for online threatsInstallation time is long.
There is a constant background scanning which keeps tackling the virus in real-time.It stores much space in the storage and might slow down the system.
Interface use is clear and understandable.Asks for reboot quite often.
Password management is excellent.Subscription rate is higher than other antiviruses.
It keeps updating the software regularly and thus always remains ready with new viruses as well.During a full scan, the system might get slower.

Bitdefender gravity zone

Bitdefender is a global security technology company which was founded in Romania in 2001. They have their headquarters in both Bucharest, Romania and in Silicon Valley. Gravity Zone is designed for Enterprise environments which are small of less than 50 endpoints up to the largest business firms with 100k+ endpoints.

How does the Bitdefender gravity zone provide protection?

The Bitdefender gravity zone provides layered protection against those threats which business firms face. The picture shown below gives a glimpse of the features provided by the gravity zone.

All these features are centrally controlled via policies from the main Gravity Zone administration console i.e. the Gravity Zone Control Centre.

Layered approach of Gravity Zone-

1.Hardening and Control – making its approach harder and stronger to get a better grip on the infections caused to the system.

2.Pre-Execution Multi-stage detection – This means it uses multiple ways to detect viruses and remediate them from the system.

3.Automatic action – if a threat slips from getting cancelled, its path is blocked, isolated and remediated.

4.Visibility and reporting – This means making everything transparent i.e. real-time reporting of what is going in the environment, proper reporting and notifications.

Pros and Cons

Runs smoothly in the background with almost no need for user interaction.Cloud dashboard isn’t easy to use for beginners.
It is a cloud-based control thus provides easy management and administration.Support team is not efficient at times
Relatively resource light and works well even on lower end computers.More granular reporting needed
Centrally controlled thus easy to update policies.  Previous UI was more comfortable and user friendly.
Scans are quick and efficient.Sandbox features expected to be more in depth.

Summarizing: Avast Business vs Bitdefender Gravity Zone

AspectsAvast BusinessBitdefender Gravity Zone
Features It has more robust security and performance is better
Malware ProtectionWorks brilliantly in detecting suspicious files and giving solutions to remediate those.Tracks the suspicious files and removes it from the system.
Customer’s choiceAvast seems a better option for customers as installation and handling user interface is easier here. 
Security packages More options are available here which might attract users.
Value for money This is a better option when it comes to this section. The price is reasonable.

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