50 best League of Legends champions of all-time (part 2)
50 best League of Legends champions of all-time (part 2)

50 best League of Legends champions of all-time (part 2)

Welcome back, In the last post we listed bottom 25 players of the list: 50 best League of Legends champions of all-time (part1). And this is part-2.

The first thing you should know about League of Legends is that it has a lot of champions. There are currently 100 champions in the game. That means if you want to play every champion, you will have to play them all at least once. But we are here to list 50 best League of Legends champions of all-time. 

Lets continue to list the top 25 League of legends champions.

25 – Leona

Leona is a bruiser who excels at harassing and killing squishy carries early game. Alongside these strengths, however, she suffers quite severely when pushed too far. Her primary weakness is her lack of durability. If she goes down, she cannot come back until after 20 minutes have passed. Fortunately, she has a lot of healing items available to her throughout the match.

Most notably, she starts with boots of swiftness that increase both her movement speed and jumping distance. Next, she picks up gloves of dexterity that grant her increased defense and agility. Then, she finishes things off with a pair of bracers of protection that protect her from critical hits.

24 – Ahri

Ahri is a ranged AP Carry who focuses on using her skills to harass and set up kills. These include her auto attack, which deals splash damage across a large radius, her Q, which slows enemies briefly, and her E, which creates decoys. All of these skills benefit greatly from having minions close by. Furthermore, they also work better if she uses them while moving towards her target. This means that she should try to get into position first then start casting.

Lastly, she has two ultimate abilities: flash and ignite. Flash lets her teleport away instantly. It does not cost mana nor cooldown time. On the contrary, ignite increases her range dramatically. It costs 10 mana per second and lasts for 3 seconds.

23 – Varus

Varus is a mid laner who likes to play aggressively. His goal is usually to get into position to initiate fights and then follow up with powerful teamfights. As long as he can keep himself safe, he’ll do just fine. He has several ways to accomplish this. For starters, he has a passive called “vigilance” that grants him bonus armor whenever he takes damage. Additionally, he has a spell known as “barrier”.

When activated, it surrounds him with a protective bubble that prevents anyone from hitting him. However, once he gets hit, he becomes vulnerable again.

Finally, he has a few spells that allow him to escape danger. One example is his ult, “storm bolt”, which sends a lightning projectile through the air. It travels very quickly so players need to be careful where they stand or else they will take massive amounts of damage. Another option is his W ability, “detonate”. By holding RMB, he detonates a bomb that explodes nearby enemy units.

22 – Zed

Zed is a melee assassin whose main job is to kill people before they even see him coming. The reason behind this is because he’s incredibly fast and agile. In addition to being able to dodge most attacks, he can use his dash skill to move around much faster than other characters. Once he reaches his destination, he unleashes a flurry of punches that deal high damage.

Finally, he has one more trick up his sleeve: his ultimate ability, “void staff”. With this, he turns invisible and gains invulnerability. While invisible, he moves extremely slowly but still retains his normal mobility. Afterward, he returns to full health.

20 – Olaf

Olaf is a melee ADC/support hybrid who plays similarly to Leblanc. Both are assassins who rely on their mobility to avoid getting caught. They’re similar in that they both have low base stats but can make up for it with good itemization choices. Additionally, both have some form of crowd control. Olaf’s CC comes in the form of his stun, “ice spear”. If used correctly, it allows him to freeze multiple targets at once.

Similarly, LeBlanc’s CC is her slow, “frostbite”. Unlike ice spears however, frostbites don’t affect movement speed. Instead, they cause enemies to lose 1% of max HP every 2 seconds.

19 – Lissandra

Lissandra is a mage who builds magic power instead of physical attributes. Because of this, she doesn’t care about taking any extra damage. Moreover, she relies heavily on her allies to help protect her. Her primary method of doing this is via her shield. Whenever someone hits her, she absorbs the blow and heals herself.

To top things off, she has another defensive tool: her ultimate ability, “shield wall”. By activating it, she summons a barrier that protects everyone within its area.

18 – Nasus

Nasus is a versatile AD Carry who plays differently depending on the situation. Early on, he will often focus on farming rather than playing aggressively. Later on, though, he switches gears completely and begins focusing on ganking lanes and initiating teamfights. Nasus benefits from being able to farm safely thanks to his passive, which reduces the amount of gold lost due to missing minion waves.

Also, he receives additional stats after reaching level 6. At levels 7, 8 and 9, he gains extra health, intelligence and strength respectively.

His abilities include an auto attack called “nasal cleft”, a basic attack called “crippling strike” and finally, his ultimate, “unbreakable skin”. This grants him armor penetration and increases his maximum health by 25%.

17 – Graves

Graves is a tanky bruiser who uses his size to absorb incoming damage while also providing protection for himself and his allies. When building items, he focuses on increasing his durability as opposed to raw stats. For instance, if he wants to build boots, he’ll get them over anything else. However, whenever he does go into the offensive role, he gets access to two powerful skills.

First, there’s his Q ability, “infernal pit”. Like many mages, he channels mana onto himself and then fires out a beam of fire. Unfortunately, since he needs to keep channeling this spell, he won’t be moving around too much during fights. Second, he has his E ability, “death shroud”. This causes him to become untargetable and gain immunity to effects like slows and silences.

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16 – Yasuo

Yasuo is a jungle carry who specializes in dueling against opponents directly above him. As such, he makes sure he stays away from minions unless absolutely necessary. Then again, he isn’t afraid to dive down below either. His kit includes three attacks: his W, his R and his ulti, “flash.” While he may seem weak early on, he becomes incredibly dangerous later on. In fact, he’s even capable of killing tanks outright.

15 – Gragas

Gragas is a brute force type player who loves to use his large body to knock back opposing players and deal massive amounts of damage. He’s got a lot going for him, including his passive, which gives him bonus experience based on how far he moves each second.

After hitting ten feet per second, he starts gaining 10% more experience points. There’s also his Q, which deals increased damage to structures. Finally, he has his ulti, “gravitas”. It knocks nearby enemies back and damages them.

14 – Thresh

Thresh is a midlaner who prefers to stay close to his lane opponent and harass him through ranged combat. He also likes to poke opponents with his sword until they run out of energy. Once that happens, he takes advantage and engages them head-on.

Then, when their HP drops low enough, he finishes them off with his ultimate, “thunderbolt”. But, don’t worry about getting hit by it; you can just jump up and avoid it entirely.

13 – Akali

Akali is a fighter who thrives in situations where she must fight alone. Since most fighters aren’t very mobile, this usually means fighting near walls. Unless someone comes after her or she runs away, she doesn’t really need any help. Her kit consists of four main weapons: her Q, her W, her E and her ulti, “fatal stroke”.

She gains extra movement speed every time she kills an enemy champion. If she hits five targets, she will finish them off instantly.

12 – Ashe

Ashe is always the first champion that new players try out since they added the “tutorial” feature. And for good reasons. Ashe is a very basic carry, but following her reworking, she is also one the most enjoyable.

Her ultimate is the most obvious and simple reason why she is so great. With a global skillshot stun, she can land her arrows in enemy laps, creating some of the best feeling moments in any game.

11 – Malphite

Malphite is a melee assassin who excels at dealing high burst damage to multiple opponents simultaneously. His kit consists of two spells: his Q and his W. The former allows him to cast a slow that affects everyone within its area.

The latter converts his basic autoattacks into true ones. These are both useful tools for taking care of pesky champs who might otherwise escape your grasp.

Before we get into our top 10, let’s take a moment to mention something real quick.

Subjectivity is often ignored when people view these lists. People can agree on some things, but not others. For example, many people think that Singed is the least favored champion in the game, while others think he’s fun to watch play.

Basically, the message of this article is to not take lists seriously. They’re fun and may provoke some interesting discussion, but that‘s all they’ll do.

So, put your favorite champion in this list if you think it deserves to be in it. If you love a champ that isn’t listed, let us know why we should include it. We would love to know what you guys think. And if you think Kog‘Maw is the best champ ever, tell us that! But don’t try selling us on Yorick.

 Let’s move on to the next ten. I know it’s kind of short notice but we had some technical difficulties earlier.

10 –Vayne

Vayne is a hyper carry that is impossible to counter. She has a kit that is powerful enough to win a 1v1 versus most champions. Her kit is balanced and well thought out, making her a perfect tank shredder and a great duelist. Unfortunately, her kit is also very weak. She has no way to clear waves and is very vulnerable when pushed.

The only way to beat her is to deny her early gold and force her to play passively until she gets stronger. However, even then, there’s nothing stopping her from getting fed by a single mistake.

9 – Anivia

Anivia is a champion who is well known for her ability to clear waves and do damage late game. What really sets her apart is her ability to be picked when nobody else seems to want to play her. Her ability to dominate the mid lane is what makes her a great pick. Furthermore, she is able to snowball hard with just about anything.

This includes items like boots, which allow her to gain more stats as she levels up. In addition, she has access to several different types of crowd control such as slows, stuns, roots, etc., allowing her to easily deal massive amounts of damage to enemies.

Moreover, she has a passive called “Eternal Thirst” that increases her movement speed whenever she uses any sort of CC or attacks. All together, this means that she can stay alive longer than almost every other champion in the game.

8 – Blitzcrank

Blitzcrank is a carry that allows supports to shine. He is a champion that allows supports to do things that they never thought possible. He is a champion who allows supports to do things they never thought possible.

What’s more, he gives them the opportunity to make plays that they wouldn’t normally be allowed to make. As a result, he is one of the strongest carries in the entire game.

His ultimate allows him to teleport behind enemy lines and attack them from afar. This allows him to kill targets without being seen himself. Moreover, he gains bonus health based on how much damage he deals during his ultimates. Finally, he has a passive that grants him extra armor after using his ultimate.

7 – Orianna

Orianna is a very strong champion who is still relevant today. Her kit is extremely flexible and allows her to be effective in any situation. She is also very strong when paired with other champions. Additionally, she has two abilities that are both useful: “Heal” and “Counterspell”.

These abilities help keep her safe while giving her teammates opportunities to get kills. Plus, she has a passive that reduces the cooldown of her heal.

However, it should be noted that these abilities aren’t always reliable. For example, if your team doesn’t know where the enemy jungler is, you may not be able to use counterspell effectively.

6 – Lee Sin

Lee Sin is the epitomy of a champion with a very high skill cap. There is a move that he can pull off that is impossible with any other champion. His kit is extremely smooth, and he can seamlessly link abilities together in unique ways. He is basically the pinnacle of a skill champion. But he is also difficult to play because of his high skill cap. Once mastered, however, his playmaking potential is incredible.

There is always a way to make a great play. It may be difficult to do, but once you learn how to do it, your enjoyment will increase dramatically.

Seeing this play live for the very first time was a sight that will be remembered forever. It showed innovation in an evolving game that was constantly changing. And it was played on one of the hardest Champions to master. But fortunately, it’s mostly reserved for the best among us.

Any champion that allows you to complete a play in multiple ways has a spectacular design. With Lee, there’ll always be more than one way to do something.

5 – Warwick

Warwick is probably one of the most versatile assassins in the history of LoL. He is capable of dealing massive amounts of burst damage in addition to having long range poke capabilities. In fact, he is so good that he has been used as a counterpick against top lane mages such as Talon and Lissandra.

However, Warwick isn’t just about raw power; he has some really cool mechanics too. One of which is “Rampage”. Rampages allow Warwick to deal even greater damage over several seconds. The longer the rampage lasts, the higher its damage becomes.

4 – Ezreal

Ezreal is another assassin whose versatility makes him stand out. While he does have a lot of CC, he also has a ton of mobility. In addition, he has a couple of skills that let him escape enemies or chase down fleeing opponents. Lastly, he has a stun ability that lets him catch up to people quickly. All of these things combine into making him a powerful force at almost every point in the map. 

3 – Zed

Zed is a melee assassin whose main job is to kill people before they even see him coming. The reason behind this is because he’s incredibly fast and agile. In addition to being able to dodge most attacks, he can use his dash skill to move around much faster than other characters. Once he reaches his destination, he unleashes a flurry of punches that deal high damage.

Finally, he has one more trick up his sleeve: his ultimate ability, “void staff”. With this, he turns invisible and gains invulnerability. While invisible, he moves extremely slowly but still retains his normal mobility. Afterward, he returns to full health.

2 – Thresh

Thresh is the first champion who really changed the way we think about supports. He made support fun again. He made supports more aggressive, more mobile, and more versatile. He also gave us the tools to imitate his style. Plus, he had a lot of cool tricks up his sleeve like “Safeguard” or “Flash”.

1 – Ezreal

Ezreal is a fantastic assassin whose kit is designed around killing people quickly. The fact that he can easily turn invisible helps him achieve this goal. In addition, his kit includes several different types of crowd control which allow him to stay alive longer. Lastly, he has a few items that give him additional survivability as well as utility.

Overall, he gives players many ways to get kills. Furthermore, he provides them with lots of opportunities for escapes. This means that no matter what kind of playstyle you choose, there will be something for you to do on any given team fight.

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What do you guys think? Are there any champions I missed? Which ones are your favorites? Leave it below!

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